Sample Case Study Cleaning the air at the West Carolina environment Protection Agency

Question 1

Unlike in the private business arena where Sanger was surrounded by activists, scientists, other self minded politicians, at the Environment Agency, the only people present were waste disposal firms looking for contracts, regulatory bodies that were investigating professionalism, government representatives that did auditing as well as the over-demanding taxpayers who were after value for their money.

Question 2

Sanger decided to engage the 16 rule process since she understood how the industry was like. Based on her previous experience the rules would enable her to diligently handle any matter that came across with ease. Among the rules that she put up were;

Public office holders should be mindful of the actions and utterances they make in every context because they may never know what might become of their talks in the future. She expounded on this by saying that with the increasing use of media in the city, nothing can be hidden from the public irrespective of the speaker, location, and the prevailing circumstances (Great Britain, 2007).

Minimization of political miscalculations was mandatory for individuals to ensure that peaceful coexistence prevailed even though ideologies with the organization and among the shareholders and stakeholders were varied. Division of individuals for one’s personal gains was not agitated for.

Staffing personnel were to have the government as their first priority and not the industry with which the staff member being hired will work from. This will ensure competency and observance of the law.

An individual perception is very important industry heads should ensure that they do not corrupt the minds of the public by misleading them to gain their won personal goals. this can to a larger extend affect the productivity of an agency.

Protection of the public is not always a guarantee the key thing is making the public aware of the happenings that may come by. Achieving the targeted goals is key for any government official. Disagreements are not to be portrayed in the course of transacting governmental affairs. The command that individuals in that office possess is misrepresented. People should accept defeat or lack of knowledge concerning a particular phenomenon. There is no pain in expressing yourself freely.

Mistakes are part of learning; reporting oneself after doing a mistake only eases more dangers that are bound to happen if not reported.

There is no prize in pleasing everyone since human beings are different. Not everybody will see the positive sides of an idea, critics are present everywhere.  If something is unclear it is better you ask if not don’t attempt at all.

Any form of criticism irrespective of the source has a pointer any should be taken positively for it to be beneficial.

Question 3

She aimed at restoring effectiveness in the government which had been eroded by previous employees who were playing her role.

Question 4

Sanger’s source of power originates from her ability to stir success in her department. Despite being surrounded by very many ill motivated individuals, she is determined to foster change and ensure that she succeeds in her new posting as the head of the protection agency. He dependency level led to her being recalled to take up a post she did several years ago and was able to pick up from where she had left.

Question 5

A complete overhaul of the department she was in charge of would ensure that things are done through the right channels. Proper staffing would also be a necessity to ensure the right constitution of individuals takes up the various roles available.


Great Britain. (2007). Politics and Administration: Ministers and civil servants. London: The Stationery Office.