Sample Argumentative Essay Paper on Reflection

The ENGR 408 Principles of Leadership course has taught me about the fundamentals of personal leadership. I have understood what personal leadership entails and why it is important in organizations. Leadership is important in organizations because it is the means to maximizing efficiency in the workplace. Also, leadership is instrumental because it enables employees to work together with a clear definition of roles in the aim of achieving organizational goals. Therefore, an individual in charge of an organization must have leadership quality traits that will be instrumental in making sound decisions.

The ENGR 408 Principles of Leadership course has taught me about the different leadership styles that individuals can use when heading organizations. Examples of leadership styles available for leaders include transformational, situational, authoritarian and dictatorial leadership. I believe that situational leadership is the best leadership style because it allows a manager to make decisions depending on the situation. Through situational leadership, a leader can implement different leadership styles for different circumstances.

Furthermore, I have learned that there are various aspects of a business that a leader should be concerned about when leading an organization. For example, it is important for a leader to use effective strategic measures when making decisions. Also, a leader should be proficient in organizing operations at the office, test and analyses finance details, detecting problems and developing solutions. Communication is also an important aspect of leadership. A good leader should be able to practice excellent written and oral communication. Through communication, a leader can instil motivation and morale to employees. Also, through communication, a leader can develop mutual trust between the employees and other leaders. Therefore, employees will develop a self-drive to work towards achieving the goals of the organization.