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Nikola Tesla, the son to Djuka Mandic was born on July 10, 1856, in the present Croatia. His siblings included Marica, Angelina, and Dane. Nikola became interested in electrical inventions after he grew up seeing his mother inventing household electrical appliances as one of her hobbies (Tesla 9). His father was a priest and a writer. Despite him pushing Tesla towards the priesthood, Tesla’s interests remained in sciences. After his studies and working for several years, Tesla decided to move to America from Europe for greener pastures. In 1891, he became an American citizen and got the chance to work with Thomas Edison at the Continental Edison Company as an Electrical Engineer.

The most important invention Tesla worked on was AC electrical system. This invention changed his life as well as the lives of the people in America. Firstly, he got a funding for the Tesla Electric Company hence giving him more fame. Tesla’s AC electrical system also caught the attention of other American engineers and business people such as George Westinghouse. During this time, George Westinghouse had been in search for a solution that would help him in supplying long distance power to Americans. Since he was convinced by Tesla’s invention, he purchased the patents and later used the technology in his company, Westinghouse Corporation.

As Tesla’s invention grew in terms of popularity and profits, Thomas Edison became embittered and found ways to discredit Tesla. For example, he began a press campaign which was negative. His main aim was toundermine the public’s interest in AC power invention. During this period, Tesla worked on more inventions giving no attention to the negative publicity. Thomas Edison relied heavily on experiments during his moments of inventions (Barnham 34). On the other hand, Tesla relied on his emotions in fulfilling his dreams and goals. With this difference, Edison went to the public arena and declared Tesla’s methods as unrealistic.

The press campaign and the negative publicity did not affect the public opinion. Evidently, Tesla became more creative and invented more technologies such as the ‘Tesla coil’ which is still used today in the world of radio broadcasting and wireless technology. In addition, the Westinghouse Corporation, where Tesla had become an employee was selected as the main supplier of lighting during the World’s Columbian Exposition that was held in Chicago in 1893 (McPherson 6). Tesla had also been invited to demonstrate his AC system at the event. In 1895, Tesla was responsible for designing the AC hydroelectric power plant at the Niagra Falls. In 1896, the plant was used to supply power to the Buffalo City in New York leading to more positive publicity.

Foreign-born Nikola Tesla deserves the title of America’s greatest immigrant physicist and inventor. This is because his invention of the AC power is not only adopted by the Americans but remains the basis of power supply in the entire world. Nikola’s invention stands as a standard for power in the 20th century (Tesla 20). Secondly, it is evident that he did not invent lights; however, he invented a way in which light would be harnessed as well as be distributed to the entire country. Today, the world delights in the use of x-rays in the medical field. This has brought about huge transformation in treating different kinds of ailments such as chest complications, fractures, and stomach issues.





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