Sample Paper on IQ and Learning Styles


This journal will describe my intelligence type and its similarity to my learning style. Moreover, it will explore the sense of value that my knowledge type has instilled in me, in relation to my studies at Ashford.

I strongly feel that I have total linguistic intelligence. I can compose poems and express myself in a rhetorical manner. Anytime I participate in a speech, I leave everyone mesmerized at my choice of words. Others will have to go the extra mile just to understand if there was any deeper meaning to my piece of literature. I have so much mastered the art of language. How else do you describe someone who has a way of remembering vital information through the use of language? Well, linguistic intelligence it is!

After conducting this quiz, I find that my perceived intelligence is accurate. I surely have it – linguistic intelligence. With a score of 83% in the section, it is surely a strong point on my end. I also possess excellent intrapersonal intelligence. How do I keep these varieties of intelligence alive in me? I read countless story books, make notes from them, and directly apply the quotes in my speech… indication of how best am able to determine my strengths, and you know what? It does not stop there; I take nourishment that motivates me to climb to the heights of language ability.

I am not good in calculations. However, I believe I have this intelligence in me; it is only that I have not reached out for it to make it real. I rarely struggle with an equation; in the true sense, I avoid it in the first place. It was not a shock on recording a score of 38% in the quiz.      I surely dread anything artistic. That is why I rarely participate in the school drama and plays. Anything that demands creativity is a no go zone for me. Music is one of my greatest strengths. My music teacher is never short of praise for my ability to compose musical rhymes. That prize has never known any other winner since my enrolment at Ashford. I have presented my school in many music festivals. Talk about the joy overwhelming me every time I stand for yet another accolade…… watch out for the artist in the making!

Talk of people who love to ponder over nature! That is me. A walk alone in the forest cannot give me heebie-jeebies. I will cover whatever distance just to explore the wonders of nature. Should you listen to me talking to myself…huh? Am very curious to know why this mountain is in this location and not that other one……crazy, or what do you think? Rhetorical questions if you ask me, or do you have an answer for me? There is no limit to the curiosity nature can arouse in me, if only there is time enough to explore.

Don’t I love imagery? Wait until you catch me lost in deep thought…Who told you am sad? I am counting my wealth, ordering my servants around and signing a check for my tenth car, the new model! You cannot believe I am just a student, and the lecturer noticed my absent-mindedness and posed a question. My virtual world is just too active. That is how I will important points necessary when writing my exams!


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