Sample Essay Paper on Decoration

Changes can sometimes be very influential concerning our moods or the way we carry ourselves around. In this light, making changes in form of decorations in our living rooms, bedrooms, sitting rooms or dining places can positively impact us in various ways. Some of the reasons that the decorations I made positively affect me include: comfort, closeness and a relaxing mode. I changed my bedroom environment by decorating it using pictures and mounting them on my bedroom wall. The pictures that I mounted were photos of me and family members. Firstly, these photos portray a sense of closeness and relation with my family members. When I look at them while resting on my bed before I sleep, I feel like there is a good sense of togetherness. Furthermore, these photos remind of the importance of family when members stick together.

Secondly, there is more comfort every time I look at the decorations on the wall. I love and feel comfortable with the red flower decorations that I mounted on my bedroom wall. In addition, the triangular decorations that I placed on the upper most section of my bedroom wall makes me feel even more comfortable whenever I enter this room. The triangular decorations are of different colors giving me just the perfect blend that I need. For example, the red colors in this room provide it with brightness and a form of excitement. These colors brighten me up on a dull day after a tiresome school session. Thirdly, the decorations provide me with a relaxing based on the fact that I decorated it with colors and photos that I love. On a stressful day, entering this room relaxes my mind before I sleep. As such, I believe the changes I made in this room has been fundamental by contributing to my comfort, togetherness and rest.