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Sample Essay on Write an Analysis of Your Thought Pattern and Habitual Behavior both Positive and Negative

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Sample Essay on Write an Analysis of Your Thought Pattern and Habitual Behavior both Positive and Negative

From a psychological point of view, behaviors are results of series of cognitive and affective events, typically preceded most closely by conscious intentions to behave in a given way. In my personal analysis, I have managed to confirm this fact through my thought patterns and habitual behavior in the past 21 days. I have managed to establish however that only a minimal sporadic thought is required to initiate, implement and/or terminate behavior that in the past has been repeated in stable contexts (Gloucester et al., 2002). Some of these actions reflect habits, that is, habitual behaviors arise from routinely repeated acts. In essence, productive pattern of thoughts generate productive attitudes and productive behaviors. In most cases, positivity or negativity in behavior is exhibited within specific levels of consciousness for instance, in shameful situations, individuals tend to display withdrawn behaviors, they wish they would bury their heads and feel like “Nonperson”, they wish they would be invisible. Shame can alter individual emotions and psychological health resulting in low self esteem and eventually physical instability. Behaviors such as aggression have their roots in fear, judgments and insecurity (Gloucester et al., 2002). Violent behavior and aggressiveness is about control and dominance over a different person. To judge and to love are opposite sides of a coin. Judgments about another person are actually about us. Guilt is the source of self-reproach, self pity and or self-recrimination. Most prominent defense mechanisms over guilt are denial or avoiding of situations, which in my patterns of thoughts and habitual behavior have been displayed quite extensively.

What is your personal philosophy toward Life? How is it connected to your goals and objectives? Is it connected to your life purpose?

My philosophy toward life is to be mindful in both my professional and personal life. It is a crucial aspect of my everyday life, as it helps me regularly consider available options within life setup by looking inwardly and becoming aware of my mental state, staying connected to my inner self to realize the source of my behaviors and my thoughts and guiding them with considerably more intention. This helps me avoid missteps and stay focused on my real purpose for every endeavor. Mindfulness is such an important aspect in the decisions, the goals and objectives that I set in my life. It enhances my personal and professional relationships with others and me thus creating conducive environment in every aspect of my life. Mindfulness is the cornerstone for building the thoughts and behaviors of individuals without compromising on personal ambitions. It is directly connected to purpose in every respect of its making. Individual life philosophy of following one’s dreams in spite of other people’s opinions played a key role in Steve Jobs’ ability to imagine, construct, and implement on such impressive and market-alteration ideas. This philosophy, which guided the way Jobs lived his life, also shaped the way he approached business and played an important role in how Jobs built Apple into a Fortune 500 company and then revived it again after the company plunged in his absence. It is through unique and forward-thinking life philosophies such as being mindful that entrepreneurs like Asana’s Dustin Moskovitz, Coursera’s Daphne Koller, and Birchbox’s Katia Beauchamp have successfully led their companies to where they are today; creating new experiences, opening up untapped markets, and forging new paths.

Analyze your thought patterns or thought habits

Thought patterns are usually based on assumptions that could be either positive or negative. How humans perceive matters and make determinations affects their feelings and behaviors. A common assumption within the human community is that existing ideas must inevitably be right. The consequences of certain assumptions can be made to “prove” those assumptions. This develops pseudo-certainty and is a replacement for real cognition and understanding. “Magical thinking assumes that because something happens in conjunction with something else, the two are connected (Hull, 1997). Thus, superstitious persons would believe that flash is caused by a flight of birds that pass by just before lightning strikes. Nearly all individuals tend to evaluate phenomena on assumptions, prejudices and biased classes of thinking. In my thinking habits, it is usually very hard to focus on the positive when, apparently, negative things happen in my life. Conversely, I have learnt to coach myself to consider focusing on the positive aspects of life rather than negative persistently. In my thinking, I stay keen to make decisions based on evidence to avoid my thoughts limiting me from viewing the actual reality. I strive to stay steer clear of the “Unsubstantiated Conclusive thinking. Once in a while, I have the negative psychic thoughts presuming that I know what people think about me and most of the time it is always bad. However, I realize that in such times I become ‘over mindful’ of other people’s perceptions about me and consider much more of other people’s unconfirmed opinions, which end up influencing my habitual behavior negatively.

Identify the kinds of intellectual and mental influences that have and are affecting you

Through my life, I have been surrounded by various intellectual and mental influences that have long shaped my life. The most influential intellects on my life are literary influences and political influences (Chomsky, 1997). Exposure to articles, books and other literary material have enabled me to broaden my scope of knowledge, these materials have exposed me to diverse information from various sources enlightening my thinking and response to events and ideas. Literary influences play such vital role in shaping people’s lives right from childhood through his/her entire life. Political influences have elaborated my view of the wider population and aspects of the community. In many instances, politics instill fear in the minds of individuals, and it creates uncertainties in human life that many people find it difficult to deal with (Chomsky, 1997).Through political influences, I have learnt to cope with the fears brought about by external factors. By studying the political influences, I have learnt to deal with people from various backgrounds, listening and connecting with the external factors, reconciling these factors with my inner self and making substantial decisions and choices that can generate positive results. These intellectual influences determine a greater percentage of individual consciousness; they develop thinking capacity and improve individual visions for the future. These in turn enhance an individual’s well being and mental capabilities. In other words, individual wellbeing is entirely dependent on the intellectual and mental influences in their surrounding (Reis, et al. 2000).

Write a plan on how you can develop and evolve your consciousness as well as lifting the overall consciousness of humanity and planet earth.

In my consciousness development plan, I will focus on various aspects that directly affect human consciousness. First, I would identify my dressing, my looks, and myself and grasp the outside world’s perception of me. I would also identify my usual activities and the much that I have achieved with work, academic qualifications as well as the societal status. I would identify the threats to my sense of personality, which sparks fear. Fear is of outstanding value if our physical self is being threatened. Then we need to have our heart beat hard, our blood pressure rise, and our muscles tense. Our endurance may be dependent on it (Hawkins, 2002). However, this response is utterly inappropriate when all that is being threatened is our psychological self, having these details would enable me greater connection with my emotions and my reactions towards events thus adapting novel consciousness for the various situations. This way, I would evolve my consciousness to fit various conditions. The acknowledgement of my role in the emotions and feelings of other people would also be a key player in lifting the consciousness of the entire humanity. It is prudent to take responsibility for personal actions alongside forgiveness. When practiced continuously, forgiveness changes our perceptions, it changes our patterns of thought hence opens up doorways to passion for specific factors. Forgiveness would release the control other people have on our personal appeal and allow us to decide and bring closure to the apparent energy drain of lurking memories. It stops frustration and paralyzing effects of replaying a memory, in which the outcome will never change, thus, will develop collective consciousness of humanity (Hawkins, 2002).

What insights did you discover about yourself? Are there lessons learnt?

The most important insights I have discovered about myself are; connecting with my inner self enables me to face my own challenges and deal with them from a personal perspective without involving other people. The people around us, family and friends are fundamental in our life success but when dealing with inner emotions and fears, we do it on individual grounds; we have to face up to those ourselves. Another insight is recognition of myself, and understanding my capabilities. This helps pioneer the way to unlimited openings. Understanding my capabilities and my actual response to various situations is key in establishing realistic goals and objectives in my life. I realize that I possess the energy to determine my life’s directive, my driving forces and influences in creating opportunities and behaviors (Hawkins, 2002). Self understanding is a model that strengthens relationships; it enhances self esteem and aspirations. It has helped improve my attitudes towards life, developed positive thinking patterns and habitual behaviors. In essence, self awareness is the foundation of the most reliable establishment of a much more productive self. In addition, meditation and empowering of self as well as empowering of others to recognize value and optimize the benefits of difference is another vital insight that I have learnt through self study. Discovering self is a gradual process that entails a number of events but it all starts from self before extending to the external factors. It is also worth noting that fear is an illusion and most of the fears we have in life most of the time do not happen, but if they do, they usually are rarely as bad as we had perceived in our mind (Arbuckle, et al. 1998).














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Sample Essay on Write an Analysis of Your Thought Pattern and Habitual Behavior both Positive and Negative

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Sample Essay on Write an Analysis of Your Thought Pattern and Habitual Behavior both Positive and Negative

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Sample Essay on Write an Analysis of Your Thought Pattern and Habitual Behavior both Positive and Negative

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