Sample Essay on Individual Evaluation Report

I believe that stress is a health disorder that affects millions of people in the world. In schools, stress affects students making them perform poorly in academics and other activities such as co-curriculum activities. Being one of the implementers of the stress management project, I realized that stress should effectively be managed especially in schools. As part of our project, we were to give food and games to students for the purpose of managing stress. These measures were aimed encouraging the students to indulge in behaviors that help them reduce stress levels. I came to realize that food is necessary in reducing stress levels. I gave some students one orange and one avocado each as part of the project requirement. These students were suffering from school-related issues like poor class concentration. After eating the fruits in my opinion, they were somehow relaxed meaning that the fruits possibly reduced the stress level by normalizing blood pressure levels.

I also came to realize that games are very important in managing or reducing stress levels. The stressed students I gave and played the video game “need for speed” were seen as very calm as they played the game. In my opinion, the video game was able to distract their minds and at least forget about the issues affecting them. This is because the students who played this video game were really enjoying it and seemed to be very relaxed. I think that any game that you enjoy is capable of significantly reducing stress levels. Furthermore, food genres like fruits also help in stress management. Therefore, students should be encouraged to eat fruits and occasionally play games to manage their stress issues.