Sample Essay on Identifying Community Resources


For adults who aspire to learn English as their second language, there are several learning centres depending on their locations. San Diego University has the best courses for English learners, both for first time learners, and those in advanced stages. Though its main study centre is in San Diego, it has developed constituent study centres all over, making it easy for a person to attend classes. It also offers online studies, depending on the flexibility of the learner. If an individual decides to study, the course provides transportation to main bus terminal, enabling students to transit easily from their areas of residence to the university.


Caution should be taken when a person decides to place a child up for adoption. The legality of the adoption agency should also be investigated to verify that in deed it has been accredited to provide the adoption services to individuals (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, 2009). The full circle adoptions centre located in Western part of Massachusetts is an ideal place for adopting a child. It has the best health care by professionals who are skilled in handling infants. It is accredited and caters for both birthparents as well as adoptive parents. With a toll free number 413.587.0007 every information and further guidance needed will be exhaustively attended.


For counseling, there are numerous centres offering humanitarian services. It is however important to note that not all counseling centres are faith-based, others are private centres that aim at serving the interests of a particular individual, such as a political mileage (Hull  & Kirst-Ashman, 2014). The best religious based counseling agency that I am aware of is the Cornerstone Counseling Centre, which is located in Chicago that offers the best counseling as well as humanitarian support without many hurdles


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