Sample Essay on Coping with Racial Discrimination

The article coping with discrimination among Mexican America College students by Roberto and Hyungis written after a careful and a well conducted study among the students in various universities in the United States. The article tries to explain and analyze the finding among the student from various colleges. The emphasis here is to determine the effects of the discrimination on the students and the measures that can be taken to help the students cope and overcome the feeling of rejection(Villegas &Yoo, 2016). From the article, one of the main emphases is to use counselling to help the students fill accepted and continue with their normal activity and studies.

Racial discrimination among the Mexican American students has not been fully examined by the research methods that have been in place. Therefore, conclusive methods of helping these students cope with the situation are not available. Therefore, in their research Roberto and Hyung have collectively examined the direct and indirect effects of involving the students in psychological treatment. The effects of the indirect engagement among the Mexican American students are cognitive restructuring, problem solving, social support and expression of emotions. The disengagement includes self-criticism, social withdrawals, wishful thinking and problem avoidance. These coping mechanisms were realized from around 302 Mexican American students interviewed(Villegas &Yoo, 2016)

Subjective wellbeing of the students was found to be to be negatively correlated to racial discrimination. In addition, among the engagement mechanism of subjective wellbeing only problem solving had the greatest impact on the students coping with the discrimination. Negative subjective wellbeing had a significant relation with the disengagement mechanisms such as self-criticism, social withdrawal and wishful thinking. Therefore, to help these students it was important to invoke engagement mechanism such as problem solving to help them cope with the racial discrimination. In addition, the counselor could suppress the disengagement mechanism in the student (Pastorino& Doyle,2016)



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