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Sample Essay on Conceptual Perspectivism

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Sample Essay on Conceptual Perspectivism
Question 1

The mind carries out calculations in a language of thought that is distinct from any natural language. The mind has an internal system of representation of the thoughts that applies symbols to represent concepts and arrangements that are based on some consistent schemes. Since the mind depends on the brain for most of the responses from the rational beings; human brains provide the physical medium that is coordinated by a series of information processors that employs the specific consistent patterns of communication. Here I mean that the reasoning ability of the human beings is comparable to the operations of the Turing machine.

The features of systematicity and productivity are pivotal in describing how the mind works in correspondence to the brain. For instance, the brain processes the thought of a given image through an internal system of representation. Similarly, the mind can try to interpret the communications made from the baby’s behaviors such as crying, smiling and flicking.

Different studies suggest that the brain has numerous apparatus that activate the mind into thinking. The information processors transmit these mental presentations to certain points of the body. These processors employ the cognitive abilities, evoking the body parts into making responses. Irrespective of the nature of the thought in the mind, the combination of the responses from a central processor obeys the rule of reflex action that is equivalent to the logical reasoning. Conventionally, peoples have the ability to create their logical and rational capabilities, and the environment that they live define the extent that their brains evolve. It means, therefore, that the absolutistic conception of rationality is dependent on the rational processes of the human mind and the interpretations of the surroundings. Concerning the conceptual moral relativism, one can say that the cognitive science of the brain is supported by how the mind interprets a given situation, image or an object, an aspect that is independent of the stage of human development. For instance, someone could interpret a dog as a tortoise but on the basis of the rationality of the mind, a dog is more of a pet. In this example, the sensuous properties are inherent in the classification of the subjects into either the dog or the tortoise. The associative patterns of the sensuous properties are contained in the cognitive elements of the brain, thus becoming fundamental in describing different patterns of the mind. Conversely, an indeterminate cognition does not give sense when describing nerve signals as a phenomenal mental experience that helps in processing the appearance of an object. In fact, the vague manifestation is a codified impression that is more before than in the mind. Here I mean that conceptual interpretation of some characters without making reference to what is evidence for is subjective to the notion of “pure objects of the mind.”

The concept of human mind consisting of modules that are innate, a domain adaptation developed by the natural selection has been instrumental among scientist describing how the brain works. The natural basis of the constitutive faculties of the brain and the contents of the human mutation shares a substantive an exclusive recognition of the qualities of the mind and how the intelligence is transferred between rational beings. The message encoded in the human brain is mostly in a natural state that the mind takes in the sensuous forms of the natural world; hence the validity of the perceptions of the two human beings on the real structure of an object, image or situation.

Question 2

Hull drew several concepts that possibly mean alike to some people, but they are differences though they are related in one way or the other. Below are examples of such concepts.

Art and Music

An art entails creating visual compositions that are intended to share feelings with the targeted group. The music focuses on creating direct emotional responses to the either by playing dance, verbally or through non-verbal means. Consider a case where one is playing a musical instrument. The person is instantly recognized especially after mastery of a given concept, making people interpret that as music. However, this is not the case with art. An artist develops his or her work from nothing. They develop insight to the viewers through their base knowledge of communicating a given aspect. Music is more of entertainment than conveying the message through “inconsumable means.”

The ability to categorize music and art lies in the mind. When people are listening to music, they may develop sensitivity to off keys. This conscious effort requires mental creativity to deduce the message and the expressions used in producing the stunning work. However, when art is combined with music, artmusic is defined. It brings the relationship between art and music. In a typical artmusic, the listeners or viewers must pay high degrees of attention to appreciate the work. Musicological approaches consider art music being more elite than other forms of music.

Clock and Watch

A clock is used to refer to the analog instruments that were used to measure time. Contrary, watches are digital instruments that display the exact time in hours, minutes and seconds. A watch would be reliable in determining how much time has been used up, the amount of time left and creating the platform for making precise personal schedules. It is not true with the clock. It just indicates hands moving over different time changers, giving the exact time ones after executing a discontinuous rotation. As a result, it makes no sense of the continuum in portraying the connection between the past and the future. Notably, digital signs have unitized discontinuous qualities whereas analog signs have continuous qualities. They continuum graded on the analog signs is rich in texture and general expressions, making it hard to express them in another medium. 

Regardless, both clock and watch are utilized in the measurement of time. They are interesting showpieces that are employed when calculating time, thus enabling human beings to make proper schedules and mental programming of the events.

Job and Career

A job is an activity carried out in exchange for money. On the contrary, a career is a long time ambition that is pursued in a course of activities. Therefore, it means that most careers will require specialized learning whereas jobs are vocational. The knowledge gained through a career becomes a driving factor for taking different risks that are planned either in the course of the studies or after the completion of the studies. However, jobs create external risks since priorities keep on changing with the change of the demand. The deviation of demand could reward in low wages.

However, job and careers are related concepts. Career is fulfilled through a string of jobs taken over a given term. Anyone, like students, may take on the job while they are still striving to become educated for opportunities in different careers. People apply the skills acquired in a career to create different jobs.

Question 3

Most of the cognitive entities derive their support from the environment, creating an inner cohesion that prevents human beings from living in a confused way. Different impressions made from the human mind enable one to act purposefully and consistently; helping in organizing these ideas to fulfill the psychological functions. For instance, a map has never been entirely wrong, nor has it been entirely right in permitting self-orientations to the social world. But, it has always been enough of an approximation to the explanations of phenomena to serve the purpose of living. In such a case, only the degree that an aspect of life is freed from its incongruity and its irrationality in the map correspond to reality.

Most philosophers criticize the world’s perspective that indicates that all great changes are preceded by a vigorous intellectual re-evaluation and reorganization. Arieti shows that creative process itself is not a free activity if the term free could mean arbitrary or that is unrelated to the cosmic law; indicating that the endocept can only be communicated to other people when translated into expressions but cannot be shared directly. It means that the creative process in the human mind, the development process in organic nature and the basic laws of the inorganic realms may be but varied expressions of a universal formative process.

Human beings avoid irrational decisions and judgments through creativity that provides a clue on the life matters. These clues are not governed  by a certain set of rules, leading to noble judgments without abstractions. If creativity applies to changing the primitive form of abstraction, then it would impossible to separate rationality/irrationality from the human creativity. Scientist argues that emotions such as love, courage or hesitation belong to irrational part of the soul. However, the sensuous appetites comprise the ignoble part of the irrational soul.

Creative minds possess the generative power that cast the thinking system aside and rummage through its intuitions for creation for the maneuver of different thoughts. On the other hand, a rational mind occupies judiciousness, discernment, and judgments. With creativity, the mind generates standards that are free from vagueness and triviality. Going with this argument, one can say that the uncritical mode of thinking is not a product of creativity. From the Arietta’s argument, it is clear that rationality without creativity is bare negativity.

Without analytical thoughts of critical thinking, creativity would be inversely proportional to the rationality. Different structures of knowledge are applied to underline the strengths of one’s thoughts and underestimate its drawbacks. Without the activated knowledge that blends rationality, it is likely that human beings would possess inconsistencies and contradictions that would limit their personal lives. From this, I mean that creativity of high degree is deterministic to the levels of rationality in human beings. However, irrational fear and jealousies originate from the mind. It means that they would never be produced if the mind never existed. With both creativity and irrationality originating from the mind, it would be impossible to separate the two. Some psychologists hold that irrationality could promote artistic creativity. For instance, medium levels of psychoticism are said to promote creativity since it is marked by over-inclusive thinking that breaks down distinctions and results to concepts that may still be creatively fruitful. The concept of rationality in creativity applies when addressing the irrationality in the neural models such as conditioning and decision making. The dichotomy of cognition and language is pivotal when discussing human rationality. If the degrees of the emotional intelligence influence levels of human rationality, this mechanism would create the question of emotional creativity.


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Sample Essay on Conceptual Perspectivism

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Sample Essay on Conceptual Perspectivism

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Sample Essay on Conceptual Perspectivism

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