Sample Essay on Child Observation

Child observation is a wonderful experience. It is remarkable to find out the perception of children on certain things. I lately observed a young five year old boy by the name Fabian for almost one hour and I interacted with her in completing some activities. For instance, I took two sticks and placed them parallel to one another; I then pushed one stick longer than the other and asked him to tell me which stick was longer.

I found out that Fabian had good motor skills, which included the physical movement of his body parts like the hands and fingers. I observed her turning pages in his revision exercise book without any problem. Fabian was able to hold his crayons perfectly using his fingers and color several pictures. I further learned that Fabian was in the process of learning the features of some objects.

After observing Fabian till he completed coloring his house, I requested him to cut the picture of the house out of the page, but he did not do it perfectly. I then asked him to write numbers one to twenty on a piece of paper. She was very happy when he scored everything correctly. I was equally happy for her good work. Fabian also has good motor skills which included the ability of a child to do large body movements for instance jumping and running. Fabian and I went to the field so that he could identify some of the skills that he had. We started running around the field and Fabian ran after me until I was very tired to continue running. I realized that Fabian was having good moments with me because he had a joyful face. The child’s physical activity was appropriate because at the age of 5, we expect a child to copy a shape or a drawing, recognize and write numbers play some games, and respond to questions that his parents or any other person asks them.

The child has already reached the milestones of developing motor skills and cognitive skills. Fabian also has good social skills because I was able to freely interact with him and he did not have any problem even though I was a new face to him.  He was a very active boy because he actively ran in the field. During observation, I found out that he was very comfortable with her environment.  Fabian portrayed all features of the development of motor skills. On the other hand, the milestones that Fabian needs to improve on include language development because he is not fluent in his language.

In conclusion, I observed and evaluated the physical and social development of the child. The overall observation of Fabian indicates that he is a normal child. I also found out that Fabian had good body movement because he could run, draw, and color. He also portrayed good intellectual development skills and as a result his mental and intellectual capability can be evaluated as frequent and normal. He is also interactive with a good reasoning capacity. Additionally, he understands his environment very well. Socially, he is very active because he positively interacted with me and his parents. Based on the fact that he is motivated to learn, I believe this will support his proper growth and development process.

Rough observation Notes

  • I observed Fabian a five year old boy
  • Had time to interact with her for instance he drew and colored pictures
  • Went to the field and ran
  • A very active and interactive boy
  • Evaluation on physical, social, and intellectual development
  • The child has good cognitive and motor skills.