Sample Essay on Active role of a teacher

Delinquency, emotional disorders, substance abuse, and teen pregnancy each represent a desperate cry for help from teachers. For that reason, teacher involvement is imperative to prevent the behaviors from occurring. These are among concerns raised in the society on an active role of teachers in dealing with such behaviors. In additions, teachers are charged to take a proof approach to their line of work while maintaining a humanistic approach in their daily tasks. These behaviors are both associated with significant risks of a life of a person. Given that, teachers can help nurture the environment of school as a society.  As a result, a sense of belonging and attachment for students are created in teachers and thus offset inclinations to substance abuse, delinquency, and other illegal acts.

To start with, knowledge is a critical part of preventing delinquency, emotional disorders, substance abuse, and teen pregnancy. Teachers are defined as people who pass on knowledge to other people. Being tasked with a lot of responsibilities, they should also act as counselors and role models (Baker, 1991).   Teachers as mentor need to establish healthy relationships with students. This will assist teachers to identify student’s behaviors such as substance abuse. Research has shown that those students who feel more attached to their teachers are like to open up to teachers and not engage in anti-social behaviors. In additions, teachers are the role models to impart positive interpersonal behaviors in students, and thus prevent them not to participate in anti-social activities.

In summary, from a teacher viewpoint, these behaviors may manifest themselves in many ways, such as behavioral problems and poor intellectual performance.  Conversely, most teachers fail to teach students about the anti-social activities because they need to review the materials and student perspective based on family and culture (Baker, 1991). The other limitation to teacher’s role is reflecting on experience with behaviors such as substance abuse and teen pregnancy.


Work cited

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