Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Race and Racialism

From the class studies, it is evident that race and racism play a great role in the lives of Americans. This is because America is greatly endowed with people from diverse cultures who have enriched the history of the nation. Unfortunately, racism is highly common in America due to limited information concerning racial differences. Racism is also presently exercised against the minority and the economically unstable races in the society (Mauer, 18). This has led to dissatisfaction and racial disparity among the discriminated. There is therefore need to enhance education on race and racism. Educators ought to be open and sincere about the significance of a multiracial nation. Through this study, I have come to realize ways through which I can overcome fear and manage conflicts. In order to overcome racism, Crow had to bear the conflicts related to the fight. Through his skills and competences, Crow stood for social justice and the rule of law. He additionally fought for the law to be changed and democracy to be incorporated.

From the study on Jim Crow (Alexender, 68), the learners have come to realize that the background of the United States of America was marked with points on mass incarceration. This was due to psychological perception of the colored skin among the public. During that time, the most pressing need in the nation was the problem of racial justice. In as much as the nation was independent, other races, apart from the whites, were psychologically in bondage. This is because of the limited freedom of speech and movement, among others. This action was heavily attributed by the fact that blacks and the colored races were perceived to be less human than the whites. Therefore, the colored people were forbidden from exercising some of the rights such as the right to vote and to acquire better employment. Most of the people were emotionally messed up.

According to Alexander (64), criminal justice plays a significant role in the fight against racial hierarchy in the nation. This is through the implementation of laws and justice. Criminal justice has elements of openness, democracy, and rule of law. This is at times lacking as most of the African Americans have been accused of drug trafficking due to their skin color (Reinarman & Levine, 206). Democracy calls for the majority rule where the main objectives are unity, peace, and justice. In instances where there are racial disparities, the rule of law in criminal justice becomes difficult to implement.

In order to curb racism, there is need to appreciate and incorporate tolerance in the society (Mauer, 189). This is a necessary element, as it will nurture a contributing environment where openness and sincerity can be exercised. Through openness, the society will come to realize ways through which they have been accommodating inequality and racialism. The public will also be in a position to share their opinions on ways through which they can appreciate each other’s background without discrimination. The fight against racialism is a call towards openness and courage. This is due to the facts, and realities, which have been shared in class. Through this study, I have come to realize my own strengths and weaknesses. I have also appreciated the need to work on my weaknesses and criticism. The topic on races and racialism has been significant, as it has highlighted some of the strong human emotions such as sorrow and anger. Guilt and shame have been part of the reactions during the discussion.

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