Sample Creative Writing Paper on a Petition on My Position on Mental Health


Due to the increasing cases of people suffering from mental disorder, I hereby wish to represent my position on the importance of incorporating the health disorder programs in the community awareness programs. Mental health affects the physiological, social, and emotional well being of the affected person.

In addition to the community awareness programs, I feel that the subject of mental health should also be taught in learning institutions. This is mainly because mental health is vital in the development stages of every individual that is the childhood, adolescence, and adulthood stages. Mental illness affects the person’s ability to relate to other people, deal with stress, and make radical decision. Mental illnesses also affect the mood, thinking, and the behavior of the affected individual.

I would also wish to propose that a department be secured within the public health department specifically dealing in mental health. Every individual in one way or another has experienced stress in his or her lifetime. It is therefore important that the community members have a specific office where they can get help from with regard with their mental wellbeing. Some of the individuals suffering from the mental illnesses exhibit anxiety and personality disorder while other abuse drugs to ease their suffering.

I believe that together we can mitigate cases of mental illnesses. I highly appreciate your assistance in addressing this matter before the senate. Your response on the same will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for considering my request. Your response is welcomed.


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