Sample Coursework Paper on My Reflection and Role in Society


I was born a boy in a family of three where I grew up in company of my sisters. My parents died when I was at a tender age of nine years. As a first born, I had to take care of my other two siblings who by then had barely attained five years. We were lucky as a Good Samaritan decided to take care of us through adoption and took me to school. Our guardians used to go to work very early and return late in the evening. Growing up in this family, I had to return home immediately after we were done with school to check on my sisters whom we left home with a house help. I was so protective that anytime I was free, I could spend most of the time around them. This new family showed us love as if we were their real kids. This also made us to develop affection towards them because they had a kind heart. I promised to work extremely hard to assist others in future and never to let them down.


This paper reflects on my life as an individuals and my duty to the society. It starts by revealing about my family and how I was raised by good Samaritans. This essay further articulates my role in community that incorporated engaging in a business with colleagues and assisting orphans.

As an orphan brought up in a new family, it made me learn a lot of things such as appreciating others in life (Hopkins 48). As I grew up I also realized that there were plenty of kids in the same situation as ours. Furthermore, theirs was worse as they had nobody to take care of them and unfortunately ended up roaming in streets. I was so moved by their poor condition and made a promise to myself that one day I would start a business to cater for them. Luckily enough, I passed my high school examination which made my guardians proud. They were so overwhelmed that they didn’t hesitate to take me to a good college. My life in college has been successful that is evident via good performance in all exams that I did. To make it more interesting, the administration decided to offer bursary to bright and orphan students. I was fortunate to be among the awarded students. This was double luck as I already had guardians who were already paying my fees. I decided to invest the extra cash by venturing into a business to design cloths with a small team of five with an aim of giving back to society.

My Role in Society

I have contributed a lot by participating in a significant role of restoring the society by indulging in a business. This has created a positive impact to the community by creating job opportunities for my fellow youth and enhancing stability in the economy. In this business, our team design outfits that we sell and in return we give back our earnings to assist orphans in society. As the leader of the group, my duty is to ensure that there are sufficient suppliers of raw materials for the business. I also work extremely hard to ensure that I pay members of this team in time as a way of motivating them. In addition, we design cloths that are trendy and suit all potential buyers regardless of their age and size (Jones 77).

As a voluntary enterprise, I embraced different perspectives based on ethical principles to ensure that we offer our best to the society. Honesty is a vital element I considered when communicating to clients and executing business operations. Through this virtue, we gain trust from our consumers who promote the business to the next level by informing other potential consumers concerning us. Another aspect that I consider in running this enterprise is enhancing integrity that is reflected via our strength and moral courage. In addition, we give back fully to the society by ensuring that we as a team keep and accomplish our promises. For instance, there are various projects that we undertake when assisting these needy children.  If we promise to contribute food stuff to them, as a leader of the group I ensure that we keep our word by doing exactly that. We also practice loyalty in this business by incorporating professional verdict especially when an issue arises. This aids in avoiding controversies and respecting business privacy when members keep its information confidential.

As the leader of the design group, I conduct all activities with fairness by evading indecent practices as ways of gaining trust from stakeholders (Hopkins 86). I handle all workers equally and tolerate them despite their diversity to achieve our goal of giving back to society. As a result, this has enhanced a positive attitude among my colleagues who are flexible and accept corrections when they go astray. Giving back to society is not an easy task and for that matter, coordination has enabled me to develop a caring behavior. We work hard and this has paved way for genuine concern that articulates for needs of these poor children. Respect is a vital principle that I consider while serving the less fortunate in society. Respecting others implies that we value human dignity, rights and interests of individuals whom we serve. This is evident when our team awards all orphans equally without considering their origin, sex and race.

In our business, we always obey laws to ensure that all our activities are not contrary to expectations of the society. Abiding by rules and regulations encourage us to operate freely by seeking permits to avoid fear of being fined by authority. This design team is successful because it commits itself to depict excellence in all areas that we handle. We attain this by learning new tactics that increase our expertise when serving customers and in dealing with the less fortunate. As a result, business of designing and selling outfits has increased its returns. Plans are underway to save our earnings and start our own orphanage as proof of hard work (Jones 115).

Concepts in psychology

This paper articulates on key concepts that are discussed in the course, namely behavior, personality, motivation, and intelligence


The character of individuals is a complex aspect in psychology that leads to rise of questions concerning physical, mental, and social procedures that associate with them. However, psychology is reducing this complexity in a way by developing an interest to know much about character. Study reveals that various social, mental and physical processes contribute to diverse traits among individuals.


According to psychologists, personality determines special traits and patterns of individuals. It reveals an identity of a person through the activities that we engage in everyday. To accomplish this mission, psychologists use wide and applicable conceptions to research and get information about this aspect of personality.


This is an aspect in psychology that revolves around reward and values in a person’s life. Motivating an individual depends on intellectual responses that also inspire them. Issues arise on whether motivation influences a character at a primary level. As a result, psychologists have attempted to intervene into emotions and cognitive development of people to seek better explanations.


It is a concept in psychology that is widely discussed. A section of individuals believe that intelligence is general ability and also a single concept. Conversely, other people perceive intelligence as an aspect that incorporates various aptitudes that entails talents and skills.


Exemplary leadership and team spirit has contributed a lot by upgrading this business to the next level. During a time to make ethical decision, I encourage different perspectives that lead to a concrete solution. Sharing different views with my colleagues has made this enterprise strong and productive hence boosts economy. As a leader, I have managed to maintain good reputation of the business and also improved morale of team members. I achieved this by avoiding actions that could hurt others and award my partners when they perform well. In addition, I take accountability of each action to ensure that we offer quality services to the society.

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