Sample Coursework Paper on Managing Health Status in Life

The results from online stress test based on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, illustrating techniques and resources used to relieve stress

       Stress is defined as the condition or certain feeling that an individual experiences when he or she perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual can mobilize. Every individual experiences stress in life that come in a short-term or long-term basis, and has a vast effect on our everyday lives (Holmes and Rahe 215). Indeed, stress can result in a serious effect on our health though is possible to manage stress using the right tools as well as techniques. Based on the result or score got from the stress scale on the effects stress impact on a individuals’ life, the score interpretation (812 marks) indicate that individuals possess high risk of becoming ill in the near future. There are various approaches to managing stress, and they include the following;

  1. Action-oriented approaches

These involve management of time, other people as well as working environment. It is imperative to set goals to know what we plan, and to figure out exactly needs to be done within a stipulated order. Goal setting, therefore, will help us shun away the confusion of conflicting priorities in life. Prioritization, scheduling and managing interruptions are also vital to consider when dealing with time management. We also need to control how we interact with people in building boundaries that ensures that we individuals’ needs are respected, and attained without stress. Workspace stress that cause frustrations, irritation and unpleasant conditions to workers should be eliminated in the workplace, creating a conducive environment that encompasses every an individual.

  1. Emotion-oriented approaches

The approach will be vital to manage stress experienced from the way we perceive situations, especially those that result from negative thinking. We, therefore, need to change the way we view stressful events, overcome the short-term negative thing and to put more effort on positive reactions to dealing with stress (Parker 36).

  1. Acceptance-oriented approaches

It applies to conditions where an individual has no power to change what has happened. We should employ techniques such as mediation and physical relaxation that calm us at our stressful moments. Support network such as friends and family, family doctor, and counselors are as well important to offer counseling guide. We can also engage in doing exercise or sleep to recover from stressful events.

What did your results indicate? Do you think you could change your behavior pattern if you wanted to?

As illustrated from the scientific literature, the Type A Personality construct gives a description as a person who is aggressively involved in the chronic and incessant struggle to achieve more in less time. The defining characteristic of the Type A Pattern (TABP) are indeed strongly driven towards success, hostility, perfectionism, competitiveness, difficulty in talking about feelings, wealth and advancement, and a sense of urgency and impatience. The results indicate that I possess a moderate or an average health status.

Overall Results


0                                              48                                                     100

Achievement striving


0                                             47                                                       100




0                                                  49                                                 100

In most cases, I fall in the middle of Type A and Type B personality. Certain drive such competitiveness and perfectionism can help keep going to achieve the desired goals in life. However, based on the negative emotionality associated with the TABP that make me become hostile, impatient or stressed when faced with obstacle or frustration, the moderate score indicate that I can possess a healthy balance as long as I keep off the negative emotions in life.

Choose two of the resources, list them, and evaluate the usefulness of each of them in your posting. Would you recommend one, or both, of these resources to someone else? How do you know if this website is credible?

There various resourceful sources that an individual can work on to reduce high chances of illness, and stress in our lives (Clarke and Cooper 65). There are several aspects and association that can help deal with disorders either psychological or mental disorders. They include the following: when dealing with anxiety, can work hand in hand with; Anxiety disorder Association of America, the University of California needle phobia program among others to shun such incidences in life. Consequently, educational programs can be instituted in various institutions to educate individual members of the importance of living a free stressful life as well as eliminating chances that would lead to severe heart diseases. The study of psychology, therefore, serves the best purpose since it sheds more light to every individual on how to live a healthy life in the present and for the future.

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