Sample Assignment Paper on Psychological Testing and Psychological Assessment

I am an Applied Behavioral Science Major with the desire to apply the acquired knowledge in the recently acquired position as an intern. The position offers an opportunity to learn more about each type of assessment covered in the course. I hope to acquire diverse knowledge from different topics, which will assist me to establish results on individual performance in relation to mental capacity. I am interested in acquiring more knowledge on Statistics refresher since it will assist me in the testing of attributes. Statistics refresher will enable me to conduct comprehensive research in the operation of my future non-profit project. I wish to learn more about intelligence and its measurement, a topic that will be useful for me in measuring various forms in intelligence in the discipline of psychology. This topic will be useful for me in gauging diverse forms of intelligence in business. This topic will also be useful to me to relate culture and intelligence in the society I will be operating in. I am also interested in obtaining practical lesson on personality assessment. This topic will be useful for me in relating the definitions of personality in different subjects and compare it with the psychological definition.

According to Meyer, et al. (2001), psychological testing refers to the application of an objective and standardized measure of an individual or group maximum performance on a given activity, to give eventually out a test score in relation to individual mental capacity. Psychological assessment refers to the psychological valuation involving the use of conglomerated information gathered from a number of sources (Meyer, et al, 2001). These maybe from a number of psychological tests and informal sources of gathering information such as interviews performed on an individual or group. This information is later analyzed and used to formulate a remedy for the situation.

Both Psychological testing and assessment involve the use of a psychological test, which is valid, standardized, and a reliable instrument of information. They are both geared towards arriving at an objective and using these final scores to analyze and formulate recommendation and remedy (Meyer, et al, 2001). On the contrary, psychological testing involves the use of time to arrive at the score being analyzed. It is also useful in formulating a remedy for the situation. On the other hand, psychological assessment involves the incorporation of a numerous components, which may include information gathered from the use of psychological tests together with other information derived from interview and surveys.

Psychological assessment, for instance, may be applied in education sector especially in learning institution to assess a learner who had been performing well earlier but is deteriorating in performance. this will involve the use of interview to assess emotions, collecting behavioral information, observational data, school performance data, and incorporation of IQ and achievement tests to determine strength and weaknesses. The gathered information is later used to score data, analyze information, formulate a remedy for the learner and also recommend the solutions to the current situation and future consideration. In the psychological test, for instance, a preschool or daycare center mainly deals with children below the age of 6 years. Development of a given child in relation to reading and writing capabilities to the other children of the same age can be checked. A norm-referenced test of a child reading ability can be used to rank the child ability to read compared to the other children and the score be used to figure out the problem, diagnose, and make a recommendation for the same.


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