Psychology Sample Paper on Environment and Psychology

Introduction to Psychology

Psychology is a type of social science that acts as an evaluation tool between mental activities and social characters. Basically, a combination of factors and biological processes help in identification of the activities that influence emotional responsiveness and behaviors. Psychological matters comprise, but not limited to, perception, attention, emotions, and conation, brain functioning, intelligence, phenomenology, and personality. Furthermore, psychology is subdivided into several categories which include behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, personality, and social psychology.

Firstly, the behavioral psychology deals with human’s characteristic behavior when placed under certain conditions. Particularly, this is the mind test done by subjecting an individual to different situations and observing the reactions seen through emotions.Secondly, the cognitive psychologydeals with the nature of normal mind reasoning as compared to the distorted form. Besides, cognitive psychology comprises the following features such as reasoning, attention, thinking, problem-solving, language, learning and emotions. Thirdly, humanistic psychology advocates awareness and good co-existence amongst people. Primarily, it acts as a channel through which new human aspects are introduced.  Generally, these characteristics are gained through the exchange of ideas or even physical things between people. Moreover, Personality psychology is the fourth category. Particularly it describes the alignment of emotions and thoughts of anindividual from his or her outward behaviors. Likewise, this is the indication of a person’s mode of acceptance of certain circumstances seen through the physical appearance. In many circumstances, it aims at analyzing an individual’s characters’ set up since childhood. Finally,there is the social psychology. Generally, this entails the way human beings reason concerning one another in life situations. Besides, social psychology figures out the way humans think about each other as well as their co-relation. In particular, some situations like assistance to the needy or good advice between individuals explain the virtue of good existence. Besides, some good examples are the consideration of beliefs, stereotypes, and information concerning other people.

Moreover, psychology is structured in a way that it has several stages. In particular, the first stage is the adoption of a conscious mind. Specifically, the stage claims that once an individual loses awareness he or she might end up in undesired or unintended circumstances. Allegedly, a person’s mindset determines the circumstances that one falls into.The second stage is the motivation stage. In particular,the stage comprises instincts that drive an individual to a particular decision.  In reality, the inner drive is the first position where every decision takes place. Thirdly, there is development stage which is a result of motivation stage. Lastly, development is the final stage towards the creation of any psychological aspect. In particular, it solely explains the nature by which people understand the situations around the world and the ways to handle them. Generally, it is concerned with aspects such as the designation and maintenance of the environment. Likewise, avoiding land pollutions, cultivating, and proper utilization of the land are examples of development.Besides; development focuses more on moral, social, or neural growth.

However, when psychological disorders become unbearable professionals regarded as psychologists are employed to help solve the issue. The personnel are well equipped with psychology restoration skills. The applications employed are deductive and empirical techniques. Deductive technique aids in getting a solution from evaluation of statements. For instance, the behaviors of an individual canbe used to know the nature of his or her reasoning and thus get a solution to restore normal mindset. On the other hand, empirical techniques consider getting a solution from analysis of different forms of research concerning an issue. However, the most common mode applied by psychologists is known as psychoanalysis. Usually, this involves the investigation of an individual’s mind and then interpreting the information observed. The observation thereafter assists in restoring a patient’s consciousness through eliminating any form of distress. However, I could support that some physiological matters as particularly important and as well personally necessary.



The Importance of Environment as a Psychological Matter

At some situations, psychological matters play a big role in real life situations.Similarly, some good examples are money, environment, good relations between people, and many more.However, one of the most common is the environment.  The environment is a psychological matter that is useful and as well necessary. Likewise, an environment is defined as the surroundings that are near a person or a thing. On the other hand, environmental psychology deals with the characteristics of the physical environment.  The physical elements concerned include plants, human beings, objects, and animals. Likewise, the psychology operates in the same manner as the modern approach.  The modern approach is concerned with the study of organisms’ adaptation. Particularly, the linkage involves the nature through which organisms exist in the environment around them which includes feeding, communication, and several activities. In summary, the study of ecosystem elaborates the nature of the organisms as well as their interdependence with the environment. Simply, an ecosystem is a biological composition of organisms and their relation with physical elements around them.

Simply, both the studies explain the manner in which organisms are able to survive through different conditions of the environment through all means. Eventually, that issue triggered the scientists to research more in order to be equipped with possible solutions, in case the outcomes became unbearable. The expectations included overpopulation, natural resources depletion, and air pollution.  The factors behind these could have been the availability of a large number of organisms as compared to resources available in the environment. Secondly, the issue of technology advancement could have led to industrialization, where the byproducts of industries could pollute the environment.

Consequently, environmental psychology contains theories in support. The theories are identified through a study termed as behavioural geography. Simply, the study is concerned with cognitive maps of an individual regarding his or her environment. In particular, this works through tracing environmental factors, meaning, and preferences. The behavioural maps are drawn in relation to the surroundings.  The techniques applied in the maps are drawn which represent the direction of movement and colourings to represent time spent. In regard to environmental studies, aesthetic judgments have been applied to relate the environmental cohesiveness to different races and personal characteristics (Hall, 1976).The judgments assists in identifying the design of various environments.

Environment affects a person existence through many forms.  A good example is the situation of racial differences.  In some instances, personality differs through racial formalities. Through generations, a large number of races have been existent through which interdependence has occurred through the linkage of environment (Baum, 1978).  Another example is the characteristic behavior observed at instances that the environment influences people. For instance, at dry places, people are exposed to hunger through which they bare the character of anger and aggressiveness.

On the other hand, at extremely cold environments people feel insecure because of the chilly weather. Furthermore, the habitats or situations people live in at times determinepsychological moods. Unfortunately, during some circumstances, there even arises a gap between the poor and the rich people. A good illustration is the political violence experienced in some countries. Instances of land conflicts are mostly triggered by the nature of environment since most people vie for the most suitable environment. In comparison of a rich and poor individual, the poor one has more chances of developing stress as compared to the rich one.

I have a detailed history in support of the above mentioned psychological matter. From my opinion, I could term environment as a psychological matter that is extremely important with great impacts. Since my childhood, I had passed through different circumstances in life. My dad was being transferred from workplaces. This was due to the fact that his professionalismwas concerned with a field that required regular shifts. Specifically, he was a constructor. Likewise, Construction jobs are in most instances subject to the issue of location in different places. Therefore, he had to accompany us in most of the circumstances, since he was the bread winner and by then we did not have a permanently owned home.

Eventually, we found ourselves being exposed to various environments. At first, my dad began working as a temporary employee. In particular, he earned little wages by which he was subjected to rent a cheap house that was located in a poor environment. Specifically, the house was located in a slum. Truly, the environment was harsh and devastating. Geographically, the area was shanty and with clustered population. Criminal activities were as well dominant. Pollution of the environment was common as people dumped garbage all over. More frustrating was the tendency of individuals spreading pees and other dirty stuff even as close as the door steps.

Furthermore, government allocations were scarce in the area. Besides, essentials such as electricity and water were a challenge to get. On the other hand, social amenities such asschools were located at far distances and the roads were poorly maintained. In short, all aspects of the environment were awful. As time went by, I found myself a victim of psychological disorder. As declared in different theories, lack of money affects psychology. Basically, money is a tool used in trade. Hence, lack of money results in lack of basic needs. Likewise, when an individual lacks basic needs automatically it leads to psychology discomfort. In particular, mind stresses a lot when fighting against the dissatisfied emotions. Due to conflicting emotions, I was unable to study well, and sadly I gradually start engaging in crime. Despite my strong resistance, I almost got demoralized since my aim was to get some money in believe that it could ease the troubles I faced.

After a while, my dad was then transferred to another location. Fortunately, he was promoted to a permanent position, and as a result, his salary was increased. Being a rational person, he bought a piece of land a very prime area. Evidently, our lives really changed for better. In particular, we gained total satisfaction by the virtue that we owned our own house and the fact that we were free from rental fees. Besides, the place was serene and strategically positioned. In particular, our home was located on fertile highlands with a nice surrounding of trees. Asa matter of fact, theair was much purified and fresher compared to that of industrialized area and slums. Besides, the infrastructure was magnificent with well-maintained roads. In addition, the crime rate was minimal. Resultantly,I restored my education and I became more focused on helpful activities and those that conformed to the society. On the other hand, I could also notice great reforms in the family at large,for instance, my parents united more and could no longer argue about insensitive issues. Notably, the arguments were also a matter of emotional build up from the poor conditions. We got exposed to a wide variety of change and that is how I realized that environment matters.


From the research, it is evident that environment plays a big role in the psychological field. Thus, proper environmental management techniques should be embraced to ensure excellent psychological growth in the society. In addition, the environmental psychological study plays a role in the creating awareness to communities in different regions. Besides, it can be recommended involvement of general public when coming up with measures to manage a specific region. On the other hand, there should be a detailed evaluation of residents’ tastes and preferences to understand the environment well. Moreover, technological, cultural, personal, and social needs should be considered while evaluating and designing a good environment.




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