Sample Coursework Paper on Effective Leadership

Question 1

During my first job, every morning my supervisor would remind us of the goals of the firm insisting that we must work together to achieve a common objective (Cato and Gordon para 3). Even if there were many challenges the company was undergoing, he expressed faith that we would still achieve the mission. He always urged us to remain focused and one day we would witness the organization developing into a real success. He reminded everyone of us that we had what it would take the company to grow into a brand. As a result, the workers geared their efforts towards making a difference in the company. In the end, the company emerged a success and instead of taking the pride individually, he appreciated and attributed the success of the enterprise to the workers. I still feel that it was the vision that he had for the company that made him persevere its setbacks and even empowered us that we were the resources for making it grow.

Question 2

Managers can contribute to the success of the business in various ways such as empowering staff through on-the-job training. As a result, the workers increase their knowledge to produce in the otherwise competitive market (Jehanzeb and Nadeem para 1). Secondly, managers act as role models to their workers in demonstrating the mission and vision of the firm. They ensure all their actions favor the firm’s objectives. As a result, workers will emulate their leader and focus on achieving the targets of the business. Thirdly, managers are in regular communication with their team members. They review their progress and provide feedback. As a result, employees can correct their faults as pointed out by their supervisors thus enhancing their work output (Saedon et al. para 2). My personal experience that demonstrates how a manager fosters excellence among the workforce is when the management team of my previous employment would offer us bonuses on a quarterly basis depending on the performance. We felt appreciated and worked even harder to maintain this by line.



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