Sample Political Science Paper on The Election of 1852

In 1852, 2 Nov, The presidential election was conducted, in which Democrat leader
Franklin Pierce defeated the Whig Winfield Scott. The election was conducted after-effect of the
compromise of 1850, a set of procedures voted by the U. S Congress to settle the outstanding
slavery problems and avert the jeopardy of the termination of the Union. The year 1852 marked
the end of the election for eight years in which the Contestants from both parties collected
electoral and popular votes from the whole part of the country.
The main central which both parties supported was the compromise of 1850. While both
the Democrats and the Whig party were aimed at solving the slavery issue affecting America, the
Democrats managed to overcome their internal differences. Pierce won an avalanche victory in
the Electoral votes, 254 to 42. As a result of the election, the Whig party fell apart, and
Americans created a new political alignment. The NorthernWhig joined the new Republican
Party, created in 1855, while the Southern Whig moved into the Democratic PartyMarcy(United
States presidential election of 1852,2020). Apart from the above-mentioned political party, another
party, the American party, which attracted the opponents of the extension of slavery, the voters
disappointed by Democrats and Whigs' performance, and the anti-immigration nativist was
The southern delegates proposed the unknown Franklin Pierce of the Democrats party as
the dreadlock developed amidst democratic followers of the primary presidential candidates-
Stephen A Douglas, Lewis Cass, and William L.Marcy(United States presidential election of
1852,2020). The Whig party was faced with the same challenge in attained the needed majority
for the nomination; later on, they settled on Winfield Scott, the leading military figure

betweenthe Civil war and Revolution. Both campaigns followed the procedure that has been
established in the past elections, making use of handbills, rallies, and parades. Both candidates
were accused of being anti-Catholic and abolitionists.
While concluding, It is significant to uphold the unique history of the 1852 U.S election.
The lowest voter turnout marked the election compared to other elections between 1840 and
1860. Both parties supported and assured to address the issue of slavery. The democrats were
more united and strategic in their backing, leading to the Pierce landslide victory.



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