Sample Paper on Policy Analysis Memo Assignment II

Mitch McConnell is the United States Senator representing Kentucky. He is the Majority Leader in the United States Senate. McConnell is popularly known as ‘Mitch’ and is a Republican leader. McConnell became Senate’s majority leader in January 3, 2015. Currently, he is the longest-serving senator in Kentucky.

Gun control problem is one the most debated topic in American history alongside the Obama Care and terrorism. According to statistics, over 30 % of American homes own a gun, which implies that many guns are in the hands of civilians. 80 % of Americans recognize the importance of gun control and look upon their leaders to solve the crisis. More than half of Americans wish either for minor or major restrictions and bans on gun ownership implying that most citizens are already fed by the gun control problem. In 1996, 140 children lost their lives as a result of accidental shots. The figure shot to 259 in 2012 excluding the fact that between 100 and 140 children have lost their lives yearly between 1997 and 2012. Over 1000 children are hurt by guns in American ever year. Generally, between 8000 and 14000 people die as a result of gun-related homicides in America. 72 % of violent murders result from the use of Guns ( par 2 & 3). As a United States Senator, McConnell is charged with the responsibility of protecting the lives of Americans, and he should advocate for a strict gun control policy to reduce the loss of lives.

To reduce deaths of children and adults caused but violent shootings, stiff gun control policies ought to be introduced in America. There should be strict check and scrutiny for all the gun sales on American soil. All the states should be provided with enough incentives up to $30 million to facilitate the establishment of an information system where all gun-related records will be stored and can be shared. There should be enough funding for the administration to facilitate street patrols by over 20000 policemen. A public campaign for gun safety should be launched to encourage responsible ownership of guns among Americans ( par 4).

Close checking and monitoring of gun sales in America will reduce the number of illegal gun transactions ( par .2). Illegal gun transactions include those carried out by criminal gangs that acquire arms to facilitate their unlawful activities. Further, hunters will be required to provide proof of their activities before being allowed to buy guns. There have been cases where people own guns in the name of hunting but the guns have been used to facilitate criminal activities. Legal gun transactions involving states shall also be scrutinized to detect any cases of conspiracy. However, this policy may not be efficient in controlling illegal transactions of guns because they are usually carried in secrecy where government security agencies find hard to detect (The Washington Post par 2).

The action of providing all the states with incentives over $30 million and will enable then establish information systems where gun-related records such the names of those banned from owning arms can be stored ( par.2). This will control gun ownership for individuals that have been suspended or banned from owning guns. Currently, a person banned from owning a gun in Kentucky will own a gun in Oklahoma without being detected. Since the system will enable different states to share information, such individuals would be easily identified when they seek licenses to own guns in another state. However, it is hard to convince the Congress to release such an amount of funds to states because there are other needs where the funds could be directed. The policy is also too expensive and requires to be implemented in phases to avoid straining the budget (The Washington Post par.3).

The government should set aside funds to facilitate the deployment of over 20 000 policemen for street patrol ( par.5) Street patrols serve to deter would-be criminals especially those that own guns illegally from robbing and killing people. The policemen would also provide prompt responses to gun-related violence that occur on the streets. Prompt responses would enable gun violence perpetrators to be arrested almost immediately after committing the crime. Arresting gun violence criminals and charging them in court would reduce the crimes of that nature. However, keeping policemen on the streets may not significantly reduce cases of gun violence because some gun-related crimes have taken place in full glare of the police (The Washington Post par.3).

The current death toll caused by gun-related violence is high. As a senator, the above policies will grant McConnell a possible re-election. Most of the policies are likely to go well with the public opinion that is integral to determining McConnell’s political fate. Strict checks on the gun controls will work well with McConnell’s constituents because it aims to control illegal gun transactions. Setting aside funds for establishing information systems and more patrol police can control illegal use of guns and at the same provide employment opportunities for the American youth. The two policies are like killing two birds with the same stone and are wise on the side of the senator. McConnell would have partly solved two perennial problems facing the US and thus almost guarantee his re-election.

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