Sample Paper on Journal Response 3

In this interview, De Sato focuses on the role that liberal democratic institution plays in promoting better living standards across the globe. He asserts that even though the recent economic crisis that crippled the United States of America’s economy as well as some of the European countries does not contradict his belief that democracy and capitalism forms the basis of economic prosperity. In addition, he points out that while some countries like China that use communism and less democratic system prosperity during the same period does not contradict his institution theory of free market and liberalism.

De Soto claims that Institutional liberalism is the main reason behind America’s success. Moreover, he reaffirms that lack of full implementation of these institutions, may have caused the economic recession and poor living standards in developing economies such as African states that embrace economic liberalism. De Soto claims that the successful implementation of liberal democratic system took several years to develop to the efficient institutions that promote individual property ownership rights. Subsequently, failure of the economic system to produce the desired results in the developing countries is mainly due to lack of proper formulation and implementation.

The interviewee claims that America has a major role to play in promoting economic transnationalism. Mainly because for two centuries the country has relied on the system that has consistently produced the desired results of economic prosperity and uplifting the living standards of its people. Therefore, US ought to help other counties in setting up liberal democratic institution and formulating ways in which they can influence the economy positively and consistently. Finally, he states that phenomena growth of China does not contradict the effectiveness of these institutions.