Sample Paper on Demanding Civil Rights

Farmville was one of the places where history about racial segregation was made. It points out that the enforcement of the separate but equal legal standard was a violation of human rights. The standard was discriminatory and promoted inequality. The schools attended by white students had better facilities and services compared to those attended by their black counterparts. In Brown v. Board of Education, the court held that the standard contravened the provisions of the 14th Amendment. Strict enforcement of the separate but equal standard could have seen the country fall under the mercies of civil war. The fact that it was the students who took part in the strike was a dangerous signal of the direction the nation was taking place.

  1. De facto discrimination refers to practiced but not ordained by law discrimination such as sexual harassment at work. Anything that is not ordained by law is illegal, and a victim of de facto discrimination should take legal action against the perpetrator.
  2. Yes in this situation, scheduling of athletics seasons is an example of sex or gender discrimination. The ladies are scheduled to play in seasons during which the weather is unfavorable while their male counterpart are scheduled to play in more favorable seasons. The schedules therefore embody inequity.
  3. It matters less if people think the separation of the same game is acceptable if the timing is against the law of equality. It sends the wrong picture to the young girls that theirs is a game of struggle and not enjoyment.
  4. The discrimination faced by individuals with disabilities is incomparable those suffered by minorities and women. Discrimination against minorities and women is more of violation of laws of equity; the resources are shared handsomely among the more thought-to-be superior man and those who hold majority rights. The disabled on the other hand suffer denial from other people not of their kind; they are viewed as sick people who are not capable of any good.