Sample Essay on Thirteen Days Film

Thirteen Days Film, directed by Roger Donaldson reflects the historical perspective of America. It dramatizes the Cuban Missile Crisis, which occurred in 1962. The film has actors such as Kevin Costner who is a political consultant, Kenneth O’Donnell who acts as President John F. Kennedy, and Steve Culp as the Attorney General. Thirteen Days movie majorly reflects the decision making processes by John F. Kennedy, the president of the US together with his advisors. President Kennedy is faced by a crisis when he received the information that USSR went on to establish MRBMs in Cuba. This poses a challenge to the president since it interrupts all his goals and objectives, which included the prevention of nuclear war with the USSR.

“Thirteen Days” film closely relates with what we have done in class. International Relations involves the relationship between two or more nations. In this film, President Kennedy as well as Khruschev involved themselves in the implementation of crucial decisions that would ensure peace between the US and Cuba. These two leaders were sure that taking a wrong move would automatically initiate catastrophic consequences that would affect both nations adversely. In this case, Kennedy took thirteen days to decide on the right choice that would serve the interest of both countries without prejudice or favoritism. It is also evident that Kennedy goes ahead to quarantine Cuba as he went on with naval blockade. His main interest was having decisions that were advantageous to the nations involved. He rejects any aggressive invasions as well as airstrikes for the sake of a peaceful co-existence between America and Cuba. In the end, he combines rational policies that offer a peaceful outcome during the Cuban Missile Crisis.