Sample Essay on Liberalism

The documentary, produced by Hernando De Soto Polar, focuses on institutional transnationalism liberalism. His main message is that there is no nation that can have a market economy that is strong enough without taking part adequately in frameworks of information. This is the reason in case conflicts occur in such a particular company there is no legal remedy that can be taken to help solve the problem. A place that lacks proper income updates cannot be properly monitored by the government. This prevents them from collecting the necessary taxes that are important in building the nation (Genest 2003). De Soto looks at the issue from a global perspective in order to answer the questions regarding the role a nation plays in ensuring that capitalism and democracy are achieved in a proper manner within the larger global environment.

The main contradictions in his arguments are the fact that he makes the assumption that all nations’ economies are the same. He assumes that it is not the market economic system shortcomings or its absence that makes a developing or developed nation achieve good democracy. This is not true because each nation has its own challenges that prevent it from achieving democracy or capitalism. It is these challenges that make an economy unique. For instance, in developing nations, political instability can greatly affect the market economy which will in turn negatively determine the ways in which such an institution shares information. The government is not able to determine its net profit minimizing its chances of collecting the right amount of taxes that is worth. This explains why some nations laggards behind with great indifference in their income and prosperity levels.


Genest, M. (2003). Conflict and Cooperation: Evolving Theories of International Relations. Boston, MA: Cengage.