Sample Essay on La Salle’s Grand Dream

. What is the thesis of the selected chapter (article)

The thesis of the article “La salle’s grand dream” is to show the support for recession. The author expounds on the response of the Texas people when Abraham Lincoln was elected. The people joined the confederacy after shorts were fired in 1861 in Fort Sumter.  Additionally, the author also notes that although about a quarter of families who lived in Texas owned slaves, the support allied to the secession was overwhelmingly strong. In fact, about 3 out of every 4 voters supported the secession.

What evidence does the author use to support his/her thesis?


The author supports the thesis because he shows how a band of jumpers risked their lives trying to fight for the people. Indeed, the author has provided examples of how men engendered in various activities with the aim of supporting and protecting the people in Texas. The men left their homes to the east to protect the people. More so, majority of the men in Texas added their efforts to win the war as they traversed towards the east to conquer the confederate soldiers. Accordingly, a majority of the men joined the fighting army buy chose to stay in Texas as they defended the coastline. Others were also busy guarding the Texas people against possibilities of union attacks as well as push into the México Territory. It is also worth mentioning that some armies joined armies

Why is this topic significant to Texas history?

It can be argued that the topic is imperative to Texas’ history it is a clear manifestation of how the earlier men fought to bring the nation together. It also depicts the aspect as nationality and togetherness as people struggled to protect the nation. That is important because, to some degree, it acts as guidance in regards to how patriotic the people of Texas should be.