Sample Essay on Health Reforms

Article: Health Care Gains but Income Remains Stagnant, the White House Reports. The New York Times

The basic concept of this article is to evaluate the new health bill introduced in America commonly known as the Obama care. It points out despite the fact that there is no increase in income, the number of health insured citizens has significantly rose courtesy of this bill (Pear,2015). The increase in the insured citizens is notably variable in that the blacks, Asian and Hispanics who are newly insured exceeds the number of Non-Hispanics whites. The article specifically notes that affordable care attributed to this increase of health insurance though the exact figure were not disclosed. 10.4% of uninsured citizens were recorded in 2014 census showing a drop from 13.3% in the year 2013.

The article further evaluates whether there was any change in medium households due to adjustment of inflation and contrary to the expectation there were no significant changes. Notably, the article observes that the poverty index for Blacks is higher as compared to that of non-Hispanic Whites. In terms of health insurance, the outliers were reported in Texas where the majority are uninsured, and in Massachusetts where a very small proportion was uninsured. The article points out the purchasing power has declined unlike the period before the year 2007 with currently medium households reporting a 6.5% low purchasing power. A census statistician Edward. J. Welniak Jr. observes that people who are single or live with roommates are likely to be slightly poor as compared to married couples(Pear, 2015). It is also evident from the article that there was a significant drop in the gap between male and female income reported in each subsequent year.


Pear. R. (Sept 16 2015).“Health Care Gains but Income Remains Stagnant, the White House Reports.” 28 Sept 2015.