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Sample Essay on Corruption and Drug Dealing

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Sample Essay on Corruption and Drug Dealing

Problem identification

Even though we may try to assume that corruption in government offices no longer exists, this can never beat the reality. There has been a consistent dirty dealing done by government officials that has led to leakage of social problems with the greatest being drug dealing. In most cases, the government has come out clean in refuting this claim, maintaining that it has no hand in drug dealing. We may not just figure-point it out but it is an obvious public knowledge that the country has been experiencing drug abuse because of infiltration in the government and its political structures. The dealers deal hand in hand with the government officials and law enforcement agencies. This problem is politically planted in the structure of the government. There will never be an effective solution to the drug dealing, as long the loopholes in the political structure are not sealed. The problem that results from the corruption and drug dealing is drug abuse, which has haunted the country for the past one decade.

The impact of drug abuse in the American society continues to grow day by day. Young children continue to be neglected, molested, and abandoned due to drug effects. It is rather putting the whole society at a risk of a single impediment. This business has only been able to benefit its crime members, drug cartels, and dealers at the expense of societal conformability.

Nevertheless, the federal government through impacts of the state and representative governments have put a lot of effort to criminalize drug use. It has spent a lot of money through federal and county governments in putting up measures to control and curb distribution of drugs within the nation. The government has even moved deeper in colluding with neighboring nation to ensure a joint drug eradication campaign.

History of the Problem

We cannot just put it in its exact figures when actual government infiltration by corruption and drug dealing started, but this can still be quantified by the amount of impact it has on our society. This problem is old and the impact has been on the socio-political and economic condition of the country. However, we can still trace its history from that of drug abuse. This is because the impact of it only emerged visible with the immense effect of drug abuse on the innocent lives of Americans.

Drug abuse problem in USA appeared as early as in 1800. This was not the exact time drug leaked into the territory of American but rather the time upon which the government and the society began to feel the impact of drugs. It was already cropping up as a social problem that required an immediate attention. Opium became one of the initial drugs to be abused in America under the watch of the government. This infiltration began after the American civil war. Prior to this, coca was known for its use as a health drink. In the same manner of the discovery, was with morphine that was discovered for medical purpose in 1906 even though I had another frontier use that led to its abuse. This led to the formation of the Pure Food and Drug Act that demanded that all physicians and other medical practitioners to label drugs assigned to them.



Causes of the Problem

The hugest cause of drug abuse in America is corruption and hidden dealings of government officials. There must be people in offices that are not legally performing their duties. They have taken their selfish gains from drug trafficking at the expense of citizen’s lives. If this law enforcement agencies would be critical in support of formative political structure and atmosphere, the American states would not be experiencing issues of drug abuse. Someone must be deeply sleeping in his job.

The problem of drug abuse cannot be linked to any particular origin as the cause of it. It is a purely a political failure. The cause of drug abuse in America has always been given a different interpretation by people depending on the position of the person. However, this does not imply that no one has to be blamed for the rapid growth of drug abuse in the states.

First, the cause of this menace has been put on the weak legal frameworks against drug abuse. The social society has criticized the government for failing to take serious legal measures in ensuring that youths who are mostly affected by it do not have access to the drugs. On the contrary, the government has also blamed the society and families in failing to undertake their mentorship roles in ensuring that youths are ideally kept of its use. Similarly, corruption and dirty dealing of law implementation and enforcement officers has been highlighted as a cause of drug abuse since they choose to make earning out of it instead of doing their job to stop drugs.

Previous Intervention and People Concerned

We have witnessed bold attempts taken in revealing these individuals who take advantage of social problems for their own selfish gain. They include government officials being sacked for failing to achieve their objectives. However, the governments have put in place other measures in ensuring that drug abuse is put to an end. These include interventions, such as formulating laws that have burnt use of such drugs, building and facilitating rehabilitation centers, carrying out national campaigns against drug abuse, creating employment opportunities for idle youths and many others. It has seen the government formulate different bodies concerned with the mitigation of the problem. Such people and organizations concern about the drug problem include the civil society, Social Workers Corporation, the Anti-narcotic Police Unite, Drug Defense Unit, State House, Rehabilitation Center and many others.


The drug abuse menace in America must be given a political approach in its solution. There exist a loophole somewhere through which these people manage to trade in drugs. These loopholes are stage managed by political and government officials. Something has to be done in the political structures of both local and federal governments. There is a need more vigorous campaigns against it and shift of positions of officials concerned if need demands. The civil society and law enforcement agencies would not manage the war alone. The political role of the governments must be shown in forming more intense laws to do away with drug abuse and at the same time reinstate sanity in the country’s political structures.

In exception of attempts made by all levels of government and civil society to stop abuse, not much has been achieved. Equally, a lot can still be done to curb drug abuse. It is recommendable that this problem be given a more social solution rather than a legal approach in stopping it. People have to be made to understand through drug educational programs the impacts of drugs on their health, social affairs, and economic situation. If that sense is impacted in their minds, it would be easy to do away with it rather than instilling fear in them that only make them camouflage their use. It this is achieved, it will be easily identified through social stability and security in homes. There would be many people talking about negative impacts of drug abuse rather stories of rick drug traffickers.


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Sample Essay on Corruption and Drug Dealing

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Sample Essay on Corruption and Drug Dealing

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