Sample Book Review Paper on the Politics of Globalization

The Politics of Globalization

The politics of globalization has been seen to transform the world making societies and nations to be increasingly uneasy (Baylis et al, 2010). Globalization is also seen to be the driving factor of trade and innovation. The modern life of economy seems to be characterized by new opportunity for many and new uncertainty for most. The most interesting book for this subject globalization is written by Baylis, Smith and Owens (2010). They are scholars renowned internationally for their publications and analysis in security studies.

The strength of the book is manifested in the authors’ pedagogical understanding and their deep knowledge and thoughts on the subject of globalization of world politics. In fact the book has been described as the most empowering through various recommendations by different scholars. The book is also recognized as the world best introductory text describing the world politics by a very extensive update and revision by the leading scholars in the field of politics. It covers the very extra ordinary combinations of the conceptual historical and thematic breath written by the most recognized greatest minds in a perspective scope that is global genuine.

However, one of its weaknesses is that, being an introductory text, it has only covered the general overview of the subjects that are ever challenging and complex. Generally, the book is all about the historical context, theories of world politics, structure and processes international issues and globalization in the future (Wiarda, 2007). The implication of the book is that its coverage satisfies the introductory course requirement by laying foundation to advanced level of study.

Moreover, the book has pointed out several implications on terrorism and globalization. This is through figuring out various challenges that are faced by the international communities, as a result of terrorism. The book has presented these problems together with their solutions. In addition, it is very necessary for global nations to work together in achieving a peaceful coexistence. This can be through focusing on the proper way of coming up with good international relations especially with the Arab countries that are often perceived to play an integral role in global terrorism. The authors of this book are experts in various fields of politics for instance; John Baylis is a pro-Vice Chancellor and a professor who concentrates on various disciplines such as politics and international relations at the Wales University, Swansea. Patricia Owen is a reader who concentrates on international relations studies. Conversely, Steve Smith is one of the professors of politics who concentrate on international political studies and is also the Chief Executive of the University of Exeter.


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