Sample Article Review Paper on Palestine’s Interest in Jordan

Palestine and Jordan have not been in good terms. The history of the problem between the two countries started when citizens of Palestine decided to become citizens of Jordan. The Jordan people did not take the idea lightly because they believed that the Palestine’s would not leave the country if they became citizens. Accordingly, theybelieved that the Palestine’s would rule them one day because they are more powerful. This paper addresses the effect the Palestine’s would have to the Palestine’s if they were granted the citizenship and how the dispute was resolved.

The dispute between Arabian countries and Palestine’s will remain unresolved. This follows after the US President Donald Trump met with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him to stop settlement activity leaving no solution between Israeli-Palestinian conflicts (Malkawi 1).

Momani said, “Justice should be granted to Palestinians by giving them their legitimate national rights, which primarily focus on establishing a sovereign Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital” (Malkawi 1). If this were to be granted, the conflict between Palestinians and Jordan’s would end; consequently resulting to peace between the Arabian countries.

Mmanyi argued that “if there is absence of fair solution, then the perpetuation of injustice against the Palestinian people will feed extremism and terrorism in the region, giving the terrorist a pretext to justify their horrible terrorist acts” (Malkawi1).

In conclusion, to make peace between the Arabian countries and the Palestine’s, the Palestinians should be made a state of its own. This would help the Palestine people to be independent rather than fight for land and to be dependent to Jordan.

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