Coursework Sample Paper on I Failed to Admit Failure

Failing to admit failure was the greatest mistake of succumbing to the effects of a failed state of mind. In high school, it became easy and strategy to achieve the set aims and ambitions. It became a success in itself, seeing oneself excel and partake in the best practices of high school. From accomplishing homework on time, planning the time efficiently, and undertaking one’s daily schedule on time. Maintaining a specific work plan entails a strategic plan, arrangement, and execution of a given set of plan as per the set schedules. The success strategy in high school is thus effective, efficient, and well managed. It thus marked a remarkable period of achievement and fully planned aspect of high school life.

Acknowledging failure forms an important aspect of correcting a specific drawback in ones’ life. While undertaking the Engineering course at the UofT, it became apparent that the student recorded poorly in course work, lecture attendance, homework, and daily learning schedules. The laziness, high levels of stress, and the failure to keep up with daily activities pointed to a poorly managed lifestyle more so at an institution of higher learning. For example, the complaint majorly arose from the fact that, the student wanted to hold onto an excuse, an external factor that could justify a specific weakness or failure on his part.

In a way and to some extent, the failure on the student’s part to commit to lectures, education activitiescan be attributed to a well-orchestrated failure. It thus describes a situation whereby, the student is fully aware of the elements and factors to failure, but adamantly refuses to acknowledge success traits that could enable him to excel and do well through the course work. However, it may not amount to the sort of behavior noted through the course work in which the student knowingly admitted and succumbed to the powers of failure. Drawbacks such as laziness can thus form a multitude of excuses as to why failing was paramount in the students lifestyle at the institution more so while undertaking the engineering course.

The student’s general conduct majorly in college could be attributed to several factors including love for movies, anti social lifestyle, and lack of motivation towards the chosen course work. External factors too could have played part in the situation as the student’s behavior pointed to a distant and non-committal student in both course work and outdoor activities. The resulting effect is thus a well-orchestrated failure right from the beginning with total awareness and full knowledge of activities involved. While the student remained adamant in making changes, the situation became worse to a point of total failure. The student had already set up a failure culture, whether knowingly or unknowingly, it remains a challenging aspect of the student’s life. Total failure arose from the student’s poor change of attitude towards the different scenarios both from high school and up to higher education levels. However, the failure resulted into a weak aspect when the student acknowledged several aspects of failure on his part. Admitting failure formed a strong aspect of the student’s willingness to learn and grow towards making amends with the poor and lustier in his education and general lifestyle. Nevertheless, it was an important habit to admit the mistakes and failures towards making efforts to make a difference.