Sample Paper on a Poem for My Wife

My wife, apple of my eye,

I live, because you give me a reason.

When I am discouraged,

You put a smile on my face.


I have no other wishes, apart from you,

To you, I give my heart.

I say these honest words,

To a special person in my life.


I give thanks to my love,

Being my wife and best friend is a sacrifice.

You brighten my mornings,

A true sunshine you are!


My sky has only one star,

And it is you, my wife.

The day I wake up and not find you,

Is the day I will die.

Ever willing to stand by me,

It matters not what adversities we face.

Your love becomes my comfort,

And I can face another day.


A woman who has multiple responsibilities,

Sometimes feeling so low in the heart.

Trying hard to wear a smiling face,

Despite the challenges weighing her down.


Never living your own life,

Because my needs are too many.

Always having to ask one more favor from you,

Oh, how greedy it makes me feel!


I cannot thank you enough,

What you do for me is so much.

Please take all my heart,

My love to you is eternal.


Your physical beauty,

A reflection of your humble soul.

Never letting me down,

Anytime I call your name.

Every time I look into your eyes,

I see true love shining inside,

So pure a well,

I wish to drink from it always.


A lucky man I remain,

I have a jewel for a wife.

You fill me with confidence,

I boast about you to my friends.


I love you today my wife,

Tomorrow the love will even be more.

Forever you will rule,

In my heart oh my queen!