Sample Article Review Paper on Response


Printed poem is one of the most powerful literature tools. The ideas and feelings of the Poet are expressed in ink and paper.  The audience is the reader who travels with the poet in his literature work. The most interesting thing about poems is that they are never influenced by facts or data. In the poems, the authors speak out their ideas in a way that is attached to feelings. The moods in the poem are what the makes the reader of the poem to be attached to analyzing the poem. This assignment gives a response to the printed poems Hide and Seek Muse.

Response to the poem

The poems clearly show us the current situation of the contemporary poetry.  That is to say that, they make the reader understand the fate of poetry and the issues addressed in the odes. The poems address key issues affecting the society. This is done in a rhythmic order, and to some extent, it becomes confusing to whoever is reading the poem. The Hide and Muse, according to me, is an engrossing piece of art to lovers of poems and non-lovers. It is not only captivating but also educational. Its beauty is in the manner in which it points out issues. The issues are addressed succinctly and chronologically. Most important is the inspiration is drawn from reading the poem. After a complete study of the poems, someone feels completely refreshed and new. The vigor and urge to make things betters are gained through the analytical study of the poem (Lisa 239).

The literature writings attached to the poems make an important background for analyzing and studying the poems. They help the poems to be presented a very broad spectrum of cultural and antique situations. They provide analyst and the readers with where to start from as far as making sense out of the poem are concerned. Amazingly, this sonnet makes the paramours of fiction find a means of inserting conversations into poetry. This takes care of people who have a great appetite for unreal stories. Moreover, it makes the epic to be not only goo but also fascinating. From the poem, it is easier to conclude that poetry has always been incorporated into every kind of activity we as humans engage in on a daily basis. The poem is tailored for those who wish to read just part of the poem and those who like reading every detail. None of the above would find it boring (Lisa 223)

Visual language

My training in visual language has proved to be key in the understanding and comprehension of these epics. It would have proved hard to read and understand the poem was it not for this knowledge. Visual language helps one understand the theme that the writer wishes to portray by writing the way they do.  The knowledge has helped me to relate the written message and the message encrypted in the form in which it is written. With this knowledge, not even a detail of the missive in the poem is lost. This is one of the most important know-hows in understanding arts such as poetry (Lisa 239).


In conclusion, the written poems are just as important as the performed poems. The readers have to be keen to the use of words by the poet to capture every message in the poem. Having an understanding of the visual language and the written language is equally important. It is also important to look at the words of the poems critically since they never represent facts but hidden meaning.

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