Sample Essay on the Sun-Root System

Sun-Root System, which is one of the latest achievements in sustainable technology, has several benefits. Its vegetation helps in the reduction of rooftop temperature, it does not penetrate the roof membrane, a minimum of 250 watts is produced per Sun-Root, it is supported by solar energy, the 30 degrees angle of attachment enables maximum power yield, it is compatible with industry-leading photovoltaic panels, helps decrease the environmental footprint of buildings, its weight is light, and it is easy to install.

There are various investment opportunities, related to the Sun-Root System of which more than three times of the initial investment can be expected. An investment in the project helps meet guidelines for a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, is eligible to receive property tax exemption, reduces energy bill, is exempt from state sales tax, could receive incentives from local utility companies, reduces stormwater fees, and increases market presence. The federal government could benefit from the project in terms of a 30% Business Energy Investment Tax Credit whereas states could benefit in terms of the clean energy production tax credit, clean energy grant program, high performance building incentives, green building incentives, D.C rebate programs, state sale tax exemptions, green roof rebate programs, and the involvement of utility companies that allow for feed-in tariffs and grid offset rebates.

The Green Infrastructure Plan provides more benefits per dollar than traditional gay infrastructure alternatives, and this is evident in its role in reducing stormwater management needs and contributing significantly to sustainable development.

  Green Roof Service has been embraced by organizations such as the Celebrity Cruise Lines, which in 2008, needed to satisfy the need for green spaces for the guests aboard their fleet of luxurious cruise ships. The success and benefits of the project have seen the organization add green spaces to four more cruise ships. The Green Roof Service has also been embraced by Bronx County Courthouse, and this was in mid-September, 2006 when it became the first ever green roof on a building under the management of New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS).