Sample Essay on Final Assessment of Goals for Gym

I am happy with myself for having met my objectives. In as much as I may not have attained all three, I am still satisfied with myself for trying and worked towards achieving the goals. Presently, I can hit the target at 60% of the total. I am able to run for 14 minutes without feeling suffocated. I can also manage to do with 1-2 cigarettes a day. This is an achievement as I could not do with at least 4 cigarettes a day.

  1. I have managed to meet my goals through hard work and determination. I was determined from the start that I had to hit my targets without feelings of strain. This has also been able through the determination to press on the extra time for exercise. Previously I used to work for around 10 minutes. Presently, I work for around 30 minutes daily. My friends have also been of great help. They have assisted me in quitting smoking. I have also trained myself to stop thinking about smoking and chewing. The training has strongly helped me overcome the desire to frequently smoke.
  2. One of the challenges I have encountered is the problem of totally quitting smoking. This has been difficult to entirely overcome. The problem has prevented me from successfully meeting my set goal for cardio exercises.
  3. The actual experience was tough at the beginning, since I could not play, as I desired. I had difficulty in training due to lack of adequate exercises. Before, I thought I could just overcome the desire of smoking. This has not been easy practically. Taking long periods when exercising is tedious and different from the expectation.
  4. If I were to do it again, I would do it the same way. I would also concentrate more on the cardio exercises by allocating it more time.