Sample Essay on Ending Global Poverty

Is it Possible to End Global Poverty? Is an intriguing article authored by Linda Yueh and published on the BBC News. According to Yueh, the World Bank believes it is possible to end extreme poverty by the year 2030. The UN has given a hand in this quest of making life sustainable to each individual in the planet. However, this does not happen overnight but involves an array of events and commitment. Firstly, it will involve raising incomes and productivity in poverty-stricken countries (Yuehn.p). This will be achieved through generous contributions from developed countries and formulating policies that are aligned to development. Secondly, Yeuh asserts that economic growth is the secret weapon that China used in ending poverty in their country (n.p). The UN is optimistic since it achieved the UN’s Millennium Development Goals five years earlier before the set deadline of 2015. It aimed at halving the poverty level in 2015 as from 1990 but achieved this in 2010 (Yuehn.p). Challenges identified in this article include frictional poverty and the huge number of people living in poverty in East Asia and Sub-Saharan countries.

Clearly, it is a positive move that the UN is making towards enhancing global sustainability. Poverty in the late 20th century was defined as people who lived under a dollar per day. On the contrary, expenses have increased and the value of currency is rapidly changing. Therefore, it is quite challenging for the article to define the type of poverty that they aim to end by 2030. Yeuh points out that it means each person will have an easier life with the ability to afford commodities such as the refrigerators (n.p). Lastly, the article points out at focusing on individual countries. This would be a remarkable move as generalization slows development and intended program

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