Sample Paper on the Authors Main Point

The main point of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels is that labor is a process involving both natural and human activities. The process of production is in two phases. The first step is the physical transformations of raw materials and the second phase is people turning raw materials into finished products in manufacturing industries. The authors are of the view that capitalists should consider labor process not only as a human activity but also as a naturally occurring process.

Evidence Offered by the Authors

The authors have established evidence to defend their point. First, the instinctive form of labor in which man first imagines of something to develop is being compared with animals. A spider builds its web resembling a weaver and a bee constructing its cells resembles human architecture in the capitalistic world.

Secondly, soil and water supply man with raw materials which are the subject of labor. People process naturally existing raw materials into different forms utilizing the physical mechanical and chemical properties. The earth is the source of minerals, and all natural resources used the artificial industrial processes.

The material intercourse and the cooperation of different people during the production process are another evident. The association which occurs through natural means leads to commerce. Production starts with the development of material life itself in the satisfaction of basic needs of food, clothing, and habitation.

Labor processes also played a great role in the evolution of ape to becoming a man. The tertiary period as put by Darwin illustrates how body parts started changing because of performing different labor functions. The straight erection of humankind started by apes slowly using hands to carry objections, the organs of the mouth also learned to articulate speech. The brain was eventually influence leading to the modern man.




Agreement the Authors’ Opinion

I agree with the authors that labor process is not only artificial but also natural. Natural processes contribute raw materials to be used my man in industrial production. Production processes is a combination of nature and human activities.