Sample Essay on Unemployment Problem in the U.S


Social problems prevail in every society, and addressing them sustainably could be a challenge to some of the communities in which those problems prevail. In the U.S for instance, various social problems arise in the wake of modernization and globalization. The key social problems that are faced in the U.S in current times include Healthcare, Education, unemployment and illegal immigration among others. The country strives to address all these challenges through the formulation of policies that seek to address the causes of these problems rather than the outcomes of the problems. The social problems identified is each associated with given social and economic costs which make it mandatory for the problems to be addressed. A key area that has faced myriad challenges in addressing is the unemployment sector. As such, the problem of unemployment has continued to persist through the years despite efforts by the government to find ways in which this issue can be solved sustainably.

Unemployment in the U.S has been described by Mishel (1) as being preceded by various social factors such as lack of education, limited employment opportunities and stigma against certain types of employment opportunities. The unemployment problems experienced in the U.S are a result of lack of professional skills in most cases. The U.S has an education system that encourages specialization in different fields of study. However, some people may not get the opportunities to be trained in particular areas of specialization making it difficult for them to be effectively placed in the employment industry. As such, it is this group of unskilled individuals who sometimes fail to gain access to profitable and sustainable employment opportunities (Muiznieks 3). Addressing the challenge thus requires the input of government resources towards ensuring that the social impacts of unemployment are not faced across the nation. Moreover, unemployment may also result due to the frequent changes in technology which makes it difficult for some people to cope with the changes in trends. Being unemployed can be detrimental to individual and family welfare in many ways.

From an individual effects perspective, prolonged periods of unemployment can result in emotional challenges which create effects such as depression among the victims. The unemployed are also prone to be enticed into joining criminal activities such as drug trafficking and sale, theft and vandalism of properties left unattended. This makes the entire society suffer because of the unemployment of one or more individuals who have responsibilities. Besides the victims of the criminal activities perpetrated by the unemployed, their families also suffer due to frequent stigmatization and probable poverty due to inability to meet needs. Furthermore, due to the potential of engagement in criminal activities by the unemployed, this problem has also been associated with increased risk of incarceration which makes it a challenge to the victim as well as to their families. Incarceration has multiple effects on the economic and social well being of families due to the reduction in family income and the emotional disturbance of family members. To avoid all the possible impacts of unemployment, strategies can be put in place for curbing unemployment in the countries. This paper discusses the various methods that can be used to curb unemployment and the effectiveness of each of the methods in relation to the present condition of the U.S economy. Methods that are economically and socially feasible are necessary to avoid the effects of the problem in the social systems. Besides this, strategies for addressing the menace of unemployment should also be within the confines of moral obligations and be sustainable based on the population growth rate and the rate of industrial expansion in the country.

Addressing unemployment

There are various ways that have been proposed for tackling unemployment in the country. Some of these ways have been confirmed effective in realizing a reduction of the level of unemployment in the country while others are not effective independently and must be combined with other strategies for unemployment reduction. The key to realizing the achievement of reduction objectives is to [comprehend the origin of the unemployment problem in the country and thereafter to realize the ways in which this unemployment can be reduced. According to a study by Muiznieks (4) most of the unemployed individuals in the U.S have no college education. This implies that the key challenge lies either in the education sector or within the economic statuses of the country. The education sector may not be the origin of the challenge due to the availability of immense opportunities in colleges and universities for career specializations. It can therefore be attributed to poverty at the family levels which make it difficult for most of the youths to access college education. It is therefore necessary to provide opportunities for those individuals to take care of their families economically and hence ensure their children access higher education.

One of the ways through which unemployment can be reduced is through outsourcing unskilled labor. Having realized that most of the unemployed have no specializations, outsourcing the unskilled labor can help to reduce the congestion or the excess of unskilled labor in the country and thus increasing the opportunities available for employment. Additionally, it may be necessary to contract unskilled labor services for companies which take in both skilled and unskilled workers. In this way, the chances of employment can be increased through reduction in costs involved in hiring unskilled labor workers. Companies can increase the employee carrying capacities through cost optimization which results from engagement of contractors in most of the company roles. The unskilled labor providers could find more opportunities while providing their services at lower costs than the current rates. More youths would gain access to employment opportunities hence leading to a general reduction in the level of unemployment and the potential impacts of the same. While this may be effective in immensely reducing the number of unemployed youths in the country, it may not be sustainable in the long run due to the increasing population from new births and immigrants into the country. However, through allowing only skilled immigrants while outsourcing the unskilled labor to countries in need of such like Japan and Germany, the U.S can address this menace in a more or less conclusive way.

Secondly, the government could reduce the level of unemployment through effective policing which is directed at increasing the opportunities available for work. By enacting policies which allow for methods such as quota methods of employee acquisition and retention, the government can make it easier for organizations to carry out recruitment procedures which align with the government objective of reducing unemployment in the country. Moreover, it may also be necessary for the government to enhance the capabilities of organization to formulate their own employee hiring policies which align to non-discrimination on any basis. It has been realized that women are more at risk for unemployment, especially the form requiring unskilled labor services. Improvement of gender inclusion policies and engagement of key stakeholders in the industrialization sector in the formulation of labor laws can help to address the challenge of unemployment.

Apart from this, the country could also engage the communities in creating awareness for entrepreneurial attitudes and the development of the relevant skills among the unemployed youths. Consideration of unemployment as a communal rather than government problem can help to address the challenges in more ways than expected. Besides improving the prospects for employment among youths, creating awareness can also result in greater innovation and in enhanced capabilities of taking care of families without engagement in criminal activities. The impacts of unemployment and how the vice contributes to the degeneration of societies could be highlighted as the basis for needing improvement in this segment of social life (Mishel 2). Moreover, engaging communities can rational extrapolates the need for individuals to take personal initiatives for reducing dependency through morally acceptable ways such as engagement in legal businesses and innovative practices which can be supported by the government. To further enhance the potential impact of this idea, the government could create opportunities for unemployed youths to present their innovative proposals and be supported through youth funds for carrying out their projects. This is because some of the unemployed have very innovative ideas which could give the owners financial uplifting while also providing opportunities for others to gain employment. Due to the lack of financial capabilities, such ideas go to waste in most cases and should be supported for further application.

While there are many ways in which the government and the local communities can reduce the level of unemployment in the country, it is critical to evaluate the available options and settle on a sustainable option that will not only address the challenges that result from unemployment but will also result in a reduction of the impacts of unemployment among the youths. The method that is approved herein is through the engagement of communities in advocating for entrepreneurship among the youths. Resolving the issue of unemployment is not a matter of only providing social welfare funds, but needs intensive and innovative ideas which can advance opportunities for self employment. In some developing countries sponsorships are provided for youths with innovative ideas who are willing to engage in entrepreneurship. This method can also be applied in the U.S in combination with other methods of reducing unemployment such as formulation of policies.

The key advantage of community involvement in advocacy for campaigns is that it lifts the burden of resolving unemployment issues from the government’s shoulders. The youths who do not have an entrepreneurial spirit or the courage to take the key step in achieving self employment will miss the opportunity to blame the government for their needs. Secondly, this method will also use the community to create employment opportunities without putting pressure of the government to perform. In addition to this, method is economically and socially feasible besides being sustainable in the long run.


Meeting societal needs in terms of employment provision for all citizens is a difficult concept to comprehend as well as an uphill task to achieve. The persistent problem of unemployment has the potential for resulting in key challenges which include high social costs such as incarceration due to involvement in criminal activities, involvement of families in the need for social welfare upkeep. Moreover, problems such as emotional instability also present due to unemployment. Methods such as effective policing, engagement of communities and outsourcing of unskilled labor can be used to address the challenge of unemployment. Engagement of communities is effective due to reduced government responsibilities and sustainability.

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