Sample Essay on the Ultimate Goal of Philosophy for Socrates

Socrates was a Greek philosopher who lived between 469 BC and 399 BC; he resided in Athens. Socrates preferred real knowledge than unspecified triumph over a rival; he applied similarly reasonable tricks to a new purpose. His readiness to question everything and his ambition to admit sufficient description of the look of things made him the first open model of vital philosophy. Socrates’ ultimate goal was for his art to assist people to do their individual thinking. As a result, the people could create their fresh ideas. In his conversations, the primary objective was to the innovative thinking of the respondent, as they strived to respond to Socrates’ queries. A Fresh idea once distributed through Socrates philosophical midwife exercise, restricting him to ask queries, was finally scrutinized to decide if a thought was a false phantom or inherent aptitude with life and reality. This assessment engaged Socrates in asking extra questions, which assisted the respondents to reflect seriously about their earlier responses.

Socrates subjects’ dialogue frequently rotated around explaining thoughts, for instance, courage, friendship, virtue, justice, and beauty. The research for description aimed at the real nature of the subject with a query and not only how the word is applied properly in a sentence. Socrates method of conversation engaged his personal rejection of knowledge; this acted as his irony. In his dialogues, Socrates became the student and made those he queried the teachers. Socrates refused any moves to regard another person’s thoughts or the opinions of the majority as reality. He was not concerned in the converse of others; he usually aimed at the respondent’s individual thinking. As Socrates continued inquiring queries to his respondents, they experienced individual innovative thinking because of examining their personal ideas. In conclusion, Socrates philosophy was to ensure that people could create their ideas and not depend on others’ thoughts.