Sample Essay on Is Rationalism Compatible With Religion?

Rationalism is a thought structure that underlines the function of reasoning in acquiring knowledge. Rationalism is not compatible with religion because, in the Islamic religion, an individual is not permitted to ask questions regarding the religion. Additionally, a lot of rationalistic perceptions emerge from individuals’ understanding of the Koran. In the Koran, Abdullah Ibn Abbas states that anyone who talks about the Koran based on his/her own view will burn in hell forever. The majority of Muslims have strong faith, which usually rebukes rationalistic opinions. Regarding faith, several rationalists in the religion are certain that it is not necessary to express faith physically. People who show their rational values do not physically believe. Therefore, rationalists can think about God and conclude that they are one with God. They question the reason for physically expressing their faith.

Concerning prayer, Muslims offer prayers to God five times each day. However, when rationalists pose questions about it, the religion responds that God gave that command and the prayer is regarded to be an endless and everyday discipline for Muslims. During prayer, Muslims engage in reciting the Koran, which contains God’s real words as well as instructions. They also show gratitude and bless God, and the prayer is regarded to be a plea to God. Prayer is among God’s laws, which Muslims should conform with. Nevertheless, the role of reason makes rationalism incompatible with religion.

According to the Islamic religion, nothing is considered more important than God. The term Islam denotes submission, whereas Muslim refers to a person who submits. Therefore, Islam stresses obedience to God. Some Muslim followers are categorized as doubters and deniers, and they believe that there is no need of practicing the faith since they are destined for heaven and hell. They refute the normal performances and can be categorized as rationalists. Such rationalists also ask questions about several topics and do not agree with the responses that are provided. Koran, 6: 21 states that a person who falsifies a lie against god and deceits about his communications is unjust and cannot succeed. The verse demonstrates proof to dispute the motivation of a rationalistic opinion of questioning God’s words. A rationalist can be termed as a “physical believer’ who queries anything that cannot be physically observed or heard.

The presence of God is a question with no certain answer. According to religion, God’s existence is the basis of all religions. However, rationalists think that because God’s existence is subject to doubt, he is not perfect and thus not the cause of existence. Muslims obtain God’s existence from His words in the Koran. Furthermore, religion has no error, and no questions should be raised concerning the existence of God as well as His words.

The origin of incompatibility between rationalism and religion is the aspect of the ‘physical believer.’ Individuals who question the unexplainable are not able to improve the intervening of rationalist thinking as well as religious teachings. Rationalism uses the power of reasoning to obtain understanding whereas religion entails believing and having faith.