Sample Essay on Human Nature

Being stranded in a desert island would elicit within individual survival instincts. However, given the idea of being stranded with others, the presence of other individuals becomes a source of comfort and security. Each member of the group, within their own fear and desire to survive, will therefore look upon the other members for support. As an individual, therefore, it will be my responsibility to ensure that I survive through taking precautions, while as a member of the group I would ensure the safety of other members of the group to provide a sense of security.

In such a situation, branching out on my own would be a bad idea given the security and comfort provided by the group. Thus, even within the group, it will be my desire to stay alive, and therefore compete for the little natural resources. Cooperation with the group members will be essential for my survival, provision of security, and a sense of belonging.

Hobbes, in his illustration of the natural nature of humans, indicated that humans are in a state of competition, strife, and mutual plunder. This is what he refers to as the war of all against all. His argument related to my situation, confirming the predicament. Thus, while there is a need for my survival, I also need to feel the sense of security from the rest of the class. Therefore, even with the natural instinct to survive by branching out on my own, the fear and the need for security drives me back to the group. I would rather fight for my survival within the group, which gives the sense of comfort and security, than with myself for fear of the unknown.