Sample Essay on Abortion critic

Abortion is an issue that has been debated for a long period of time. There are those who support abortion under certain claims while there are those who condemn abortion because of their own beliefs. However, regardless of what one thinks or their thoughts on abortion,, there are several cons and pros that comes out of the debate. Abortion should be a legal process because it will give more people a chance to make choices regarding whether to carry their pregnancy to term or not.

Pros and cons of Abortion

The main pros of the abortion debate are that it enables people to understand the reasons abortion should be conducted. Majority of people main argument are on health issues. They claim that when a mother’s health does not allow her to carry pregnancy, then she should be allowed to conduct it. On the other hand, when a woman realizes that the baby they are carrying has several defects that may make it challenging to raise the child; they should be allowed to abort. The cons of abortion are that t it may leave a woman barren if the procedure is not conducted properly. At the same time, a woman can end up being psychologically tortured for the rest of their life because of making a choice to abort.

Pro-choice claims

The most moderate position that has been taken by prochoice individuals is regarding the health effects of the woman that may put their lives at a risk in case they are forced to carry the child to term. The issue regarding mental health can be dealt with by allowing the woman to have the child then placing them under adoption.

Pro-life choice

On the other hand, the main claim that pro-life individuals have made is that abortion is unethical thus should not be allowed in the society. Many religious individuals will use this same claim or take the same view when looking at the issue of abortion thus choose to have their child regardless of their circumstance or situation at hand.

Personal view

My main view on abortion is that people should be given a choice to make a decision whether they want to carry the baby to term or not. However, a person should be advised thoroughly before they are allowed to make the choice. The aim of placing them under counseling is to ensure that this is what they want rather than trying to force them to take a particular stance or choice. It means that the decision to have the child or not should be based solely on the woman and not by anyone else.

Slippery effects of abortion

The slippery slope effect of allowing abortion is when someone does it against their belief and it ends up affecting them in future. When an abortion is not conducted properly, the possibility that a woman may become barren for the rest of their life can be tormenting to them leading to psychological problems.

The image of the medical profession will not change if abortion is allowed because the professional medics are simply conducting their role as per the set law. The medics are there to help people in times of need thus when there is a law that allows them to conduct abortion; they should not be judged by it or disrespected for helping someone. They will therefore not suffer in any way when they decide to continue to perform a legal abortion because it is based on an individual’s choice.