Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Uber Should be Banned

The issue of whether to ban the use of Uber has become a contentious issue in many countries around the world (Curtis, 2015). A majority of the world’s population contends that the use of the mobile app should be banned. With the increasing transportation needs around the world, many people are looking for convenient ways to find transport services in their areas; the invention of Uber has provided many users with an alternative to the traditional taxi by offering an application that lets passengers request for a vehicle at their convenience. Many people use smart phones, they compliment the operation of Uber by allowing clients to access the application. Should the use of Uber be made legal or illegal? The use of this application has resulted in many detrimental effects. The controversial application has been plagued by numerous stories of sexual assaults and this has made states and governments put efforts towards its ban. Uber does not operate like a normal taxi; instead it has a very strange business model that occupies the space between technologies and chauffeurs. In many countries, the company operates without having licenses for many of its drivers; this has often resulted in many legal feuds between the company and jurisdictions across the world. In my opinion the mobile application should be permanently banned from operating.

  1. I have read many disturbing and negative news stories in the last six months that are all connected to Uber. In one of the stories an Uber driver was arrested after he killed a six year old girl in California, the girl was hit down by the Uber driver when she was crossing the road with her mother and brother (Cain & Services, 2015). The story of the young girl is one among the accidents that have been caused by Uber drivers. In the past seven months, the company has come under heated scrutiny for its business model, which tries to avoid liability in situations like accidents (Rogers, 2015). From this point of view, I came to a conclusion that Uber is a company that does not care, as much as it claims to help people through the services that it provides, the fact that it seeks ways to distance itself from the negative situations that it cause, shows that it is not an ethical company. From these facts, I came to a conclusion that I will always support a movement that protest against Uber demanding for the company to be banned.
  2. I have not taken an expert dimension when discussing about this issue. However, I believe that scientific arguments regarding the use of remote mobile Apps in the transportation industry should be able to put more light on this issue. A risk assessment should be done on the application to help identify some of the negative effects of using the application.
  3. My thinking on this issue may be affected to become more attuned to the negative experiences that surround the topic than the positive ones. Due to the negative effects that surround the use of Uber, I may be biased to think that there is nothing positive about it.


After selecting a source

Greenberg, J. (2015, 8 13). There Are Good Reasons Why People Love to Sue Uber.


  1. I was able to find my source through the internet, the website is called I have used this source in the past to read about contentious issues happening in the world today (Greenberg, 2015). The credibility of the source can however be questioned since it has not provided a reference to its claims. References are important as they help to verify where the information came from. I think that is an interested party because it highlights all the negative aspects of using Uber.
  2. The article is titled “There are good reasons why people, Love to sue Uber”. In the introduction, the article highlights some of the reasons making people to use the multibillion companies. The article contends that the failure of the company to secure the data of the drivers, lack of proper licensing and insurance are some of the reasons making people to sue the company. This article concludes its analysis by explaining the possibility of a misfit present in both new and old ways. The article seems to support the ban of Uber as it has created more problems than goods. The quality of the inductive support is poor, this is because it does not offer evidence to the claims made.
  3. I will evaluate the negative social costs of Uber and its effects on a country. The article that I presented did not have adequate data that can be used to analyze the social effects of Uber in different countries. The lack of this data has made the article scanty in its research; I intend to close this gap.
  4. To evaluate the content of my claim, I will have to use journals and study articles that evaluate the negative social costs of Uber and its effects on a country. To ensure credibility, I will use peer reviewed sources from recognized journals. If the average reader is can understand the claim, he/she will likely find the sources.

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