Sample Theology Essay Paper on Life of a Christian Leader

Spiritual leadership can be explained as a pathway towards knowing God and where God
needs his people to take initiatives based on His methods and work in reliance on His power. The
spiritual condition answers the condition that God wants people to be at, and the displays of this
condition are in the lifestyle people live that accord honor to His Name. The spiritual leadership
goal is for people to know more about God and the knowledge to glorify his Name in the things
they do. Spiritual leadership aims more on changing people and not just directing them. The type
of leaders that people ought to include aims to develop people instead of dictating plans. The
meaning of spiritual leadership is that an individual contains the ability to make others do
according to the dictates. Still, failure to change them in their hearts indicates that a leader has
not empowered them spiritually.

Personal Perception

In the book of Mathew 5:14, Jesus says to us that we are the light of the world and a city
that is built on a hill that cannot be hidden. The statement is among the many phrases used by
Jesus in describing the bold contrast that exists between the world and the Christian congregation

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(Meador 3). The difference is clear as day from night. The big question is whether the Christians
of today adhere to the qualities of true Christian leadership. We are living in the quagmire of
falsehood and unmatched deceit. I read a book by David Kinnaman titled "Unchristian." The
book's message made me go back to memories when I used to attend church when I was young,
and this was not out of my will, but I was adhering to the family norm of church-going. This,
according to McNeal's idea, is the following of the community-based aspect and was not
allowing God to shape my life.
In this book, Kinnaman wrote that non-Christians were used to words such as sheltered
or hypocritical in describing Christians. The reason is, as Christians, we tend to do the very same
things that Jesus was against. Therefore, I believe that the biggest reason for the increased
Christian skepticisms is our ignorance of the faith that bestowed us to the realm we are. The
ignorance of Christian’s qualities and faith is the reason there is a mix of religious morals and
hypocrisy, leading to scorn directed towards the Christian’s organization (McNeal 46). I believe
that any Christian leader's goals are to bring glorification to God based on the relationship with
Christ’s teachings and directives. McNeal contextualized this aspect as a conflict based on
teaching and what Christian leaders do. It is a common thing to me since sometimes, I feel
tempted to do things that make my heart happy and do not align with God’s plans, and as God’s
In line with McNeal's six categories and my personal experience in Christian leadership,
the submission context is the starting point for a Christian leader. My view is based on the fact
that it is hard to teach people following God's guidelines while a leader does not follow them
(McNeal 128). I call the concept of leading by example in which our church pastor is a role

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model. Our church pastor is also involved in counseling, especially for couples. Based on the
submission context, our pastor cannot offer marriage advice when he does not know the
principles of a good family or not yet married. This means even on my inclination to become a
Christian. I must submit to God to shape my life as He desires for me to impact the world. I am
supposed to seek God's engagement in the bible and prayer for me to obtain a robust theological
knowledge that will enable me to become an effective leader. This is according to the teaching
that our pastor explained and in line with the biblical text in Psalms 37:30-31 that states that:
The mouths of the utter righteous wisdom,
and their tongues speak what is just.
The law of their God is in their hearts;
their feet do not slip.
This means the things that come out of a leader emanates from their heart, as it is
exemplified in Mathew. 15:18. Therefore, as a potential leader, I am supposed to apply close
attention to what I say because my words are indicators o my spiritual condition. The formation
of a Christian leader is supposed to engender the process of appreciation and empower the
collaboration of heart formation based on God's desires.
Spiritual Disciplines

As supported by John Ortberg, practices that involve praying and reading the scripture
are not to show how spiritual we are to other individuals. They are important because God can
use them to guide us into life (Calhoun, 81). Jesus said that spiritual life takes place both in
physical reality and in our hearts. Jesus’ practices have been recognized as the core activities of
the spiritual life. The training through spiritual disciplines assists people to live every day with

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the “light burden” that Jesus talked of in Matthew 11:30. Disciplines equip us to live freely in the
God’s present reality.
Meditation is one of the practice strategies. Meditation is the ability to listen to the voice
of God and obey his scripture. Mediation allows a good space between us, the beloved and God,
the lover. We meet God in intimacy that is ever growing because we are ready to join the
listening silence. Meditation is emotional and spiritual space creation that allows God to meet us
just like he met Moses in the burning bush. The other strategy is study. It is important to note
that experiencing what we read is the key, but it is not about reading many books. The study
discipline requires a spirit that is humble. The discipline requires a person to experience it, learn
it and change by it. The study does not only involve books but also studying from the
surrounding. It is through concentration, comprehension and reflection that transform a person
(Teo, 141). Prayer is also another discipline that is an interactive conversation between human
and God. A prayer is listening to God. Prayer is a lifelong learning process and through it we
approach God, as our father with honesty, openness and trust.
Soul Care Program

I always have the practice of attending bible study. It is through the study strategy that
motivates me in studying the bible. I do study bible by myself and also attend the bible study
program initiated in our church. I learn the word and apply it in life as encouraged by Psalms
119:11, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Studying the
bible equips me with knowledge that allows me understand the will of God. Also, I always, make
prayers my daily bread. Praying is encouraged by David in Psalm 5:3 where he states that we
should pray in expectation. As supported by Thessalonians 5:17, we should pray continually

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without stopping. James 5 adds that our prayers are effective and powerful when we make a
prayer with a sincere heart.
My study and meditation revealed that evangelism is Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:18-
28. Evangelism is sharing the word of God through Jesus Christ with other people. I had to
overcome shyness and requested God for strength to preach the Good News of salvation. I
always preach the Good News when with friends and with my family at home. Also, I thank the
technologist as they provided social platforms that allow me to share the word of God with many
souls globally. I feel encouraged whenever I hold an online discussion about God's will and what
he needs us to do to have salvation. Evangelism is made possible by studying the bible,
meditation, and praying. The spiritual disciplines have helped me to practice effective leadership.
I use the values acquired to make people feel the urge to follow Christ.
In conclusion, spiritual leadership is a pathway towards knowing God and understanding
what he needs us to do. The study discusses McNeal’s six categories and spiritual disciplines.
From the study, Christians need to understand we do things not to prove to people how spiritual
we are but to do God's will and follow his commandments. From the personal soul program, it is
important to understand that all the spiritual disciplines are important to a Christian's life who
needs to strengthen his/ her relation with God. People must understand the importance of
studying the bible as it holds rich information that guides us on how we are supposed to live on
this earth and also the way to salvation.

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