Sample Essay on Minority

A minority is an ethnic, cultural or racial group that lives together with but is subordinate to a more dominant population group. This subordinate position is the main defining characteristic of a minority group. Minority status may not automatically be as a consequence of relativity in population size. Sometimes, a minority group may have a population that is many times bigger than that the dominating group. Such a case was the former Apartheid South Africa.

Advantages of Minority Owned businesses

Market Opportunities Minority-owned businesses have marketing advantages especially when they are located in areas where minorities live. Minorities usually prefer to purchase from minority owned businesses.

Ease of access to contracts from the government

Access and eligibility to government contracts is a huge benefit that comes with registration as a minority-owned business. Most states and local authorities set aside opportunities for women and minorities that can be exploited.

The concept of community

 Owners of minority-owned businesses get surrounded by a network of friendly people who want them to succeed. Opportunities open with fellow business owners, large corporations, and employee resource groups.

Employment to other minorities

Major advantages of owning a minority business come directly from fellow minorities. They constitute a major component of the customer base. The minority status is the reason access to government contracts is easier. Therefore, while bias should be avoided, cultural and communication issues with clients should be considered. This is why I would employ fellow minorities. This would help me ease communication with clients and as appreciate and giving back to my community.

Impact of Discrimination

Discrimination exists because of the ever-shifting state of world affairs. Clients from the majority community rarely visit the restaurant on their own unless they are accompanied by a friend or family from our community. While access to contracts with the government, private institutions provide hurdles in access to micro-financing. However, the support and sense of community provided by established minority businesses helps us go on.


Expansion of minority-owned business is challenging. Since the main client base of our businesses is minorities, when we are creating a subsidiary, we have to move into a neighborhood or town with a larger population of our community. We are limited in scope according to the location of business we can expand to.

Race Difference in tipping

The main essence of restaurant businesses is the commercial aspect. The client pays for what they are served. Tipping is usually influenced by economic and cultural factors among others. Therefore, quality of service to clients should not be tied or related to tipping as long as clients pay for the services. This is what restaurants should ensure takes place.

Customer Satisfaction

I measure customer satisfaction by the rate of return of customers. The restaurant’s suggestion pad is also another means by which I collect more information and suggestions from my clients on what improvements to make.

Building a customer base

Marketing through advertisements in the subway stations, friends, family, community leaders and community center are the best way in gaining access to a larger client base.

Importance of Location

Location is very important since, most minorities cluster in specific areas of a city. Having the restaurant close to them reduces the strain they have to make to access it. Location is a vital aspect that is to be considered.

Biggest Hurdles

When starting, funding was a major hurdle I had to overcome. Another issue was a small established social network not enough to support business. This meant that my social capital was too low to sustain commercial activity. This led to me depending mostly on family, friends and neighbors for clients, until I could do sufficient marketing.