Sample Speech Paper on Why Eating Food to Stay Healthy is More Important than Eating Food for Taste

The decision to eat healthy can be a challenging commitment. It is however one of the smartest decisions an individual can make it helps an individual to look and feel healthy. The process of eating a healthy diet involves choosing plenty of food low in added sugar, sodium, and saturated fat. The food products may include lean meats, plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grain and dairy products, and eggs. Consequently, one should avoid fast foods, processed snacks such as crackers and chips as well as beverages such as sodas as they are full of calories. Theses food products will ensure one’s productivity increases. Moods are also enhanced and weight is regulated to prevent obesity and diseases such as high blood pressure which can lead to diabetes and heart attacks (AARP Foundation 2).

Most people however believe healthy eating involves food products that are not tasteful. Thus, they believe healthy eating is neither tasteful nor enjoyable. They should however acknowledge that eating food to stay healthy is more important than eating products due to their taste. They ought to acknowledge that eating food in order to stay healthy attains the following benefits. Foremost, healthy eating ensures one feels spry and lively which is mainly attributed to weight loss and strengthened immune system (Glover 1).  Medical records proving one’s healthy eating can increase money savings on life insurance. Diseases costing money and lower expectancy such as diabetes, obesity skin and heart related illnesses and cancer are also prevented (IDICF 61).

In conclusion, benefits of eating food to stay healthy rather than eating for the taste of food are diverse. People should therefore improve their eating habits by eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins coupled with plenty of fluids especially water and green tea.


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