Sample Report Paper on Culture Film Report

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1. Describe the acculturation level of at least 2 main film characters.  What factors led you to make these determinations? Please elaborate using terminology and concepts from this course. Please be specific and elaborate with details/examples.  (100 original word minimum; 50 original words each)
Character #1  (include the character’s name)
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Guido is a man who decided to sacrifice and ensure that his family was alright. After being taken to the concentration camp and separated from the wife, he ensured that the son was OK and did not feel the heat  of the camp. At the same time, he used loud speaker to communicate to the wife to assure her of their safety. The last instance he did everything possible to find his wife Dora which leads to his execution.

Character #2  (include the character’s name)
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The second character is Dora. After the son and the husband got caught by the police, she decided to sacrifice to go with them to the concentration camp to maintain the unity between them. It shows that she is determined to keep her family together at all costs.


2. Did the film reveal any form of racism or stereotyping from any perspective? Please be specific and elaborate with details/examples. (100 original words minimum 50 original words each)
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The fact that only the Jews were the ones who were caught by the soldiers and sent to the concentration camp clearly depicts aspects of racism in the film.  They were caught mainly to get rid of this particular ethnic group. The audiences see the ways in which they are executed by shooting while others in the gas chamber.

What purpose do you think it served in this film? Please elaborate using terminology and concepts from this course. Please be specific and elaborate with details/examples.
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The purpose of this film was to show the inhuman acts that some cultural group had to go through because of discrimination and stereotype. They were not only executed by also mistreated in the concentration camps. On the other hand, the film also depicts the importance of family in the society.  Guido and Dora are perfect example that despite the challenges that particular ethnic groups faced, families remained united to offer support, love and care.

3. To what extent did the main characters fit or not fit the descriptions of the ethnic/religious/national group that you have read about in our text and learned about in other ways.  Describe Compare and/or Contrast. (100 original words minimum)
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The main character Guido fits the description of ethnic group since he was a Jew who underwent the injustice of social and cultural discrimination. He and the son were caught while the wife who was not a Jew was left. It was easy for the Nazis to identify the Jews because of their ascent, open-mindness and religious lifestyle (Ebert, 1998).  His human spirit of ensuring that everyone around him was happy and fine identifies him among the religious group. As a Christian, it was the role of Guido to bring happiness to people regardless of their situation and condition.  He uses humor and persistent to protect those he loves.




What role did food play in the lives of the characters?  Please be specific and elaborate with details/examples. (100 original words minimum)
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Food was used by the characters as source of energy. They consumed food to get the energy to work in the concentration camp. At the same time, they eat food for pleasure especially during Giosue’s birthday when they prepared various meals to celebrate their son’s birthday even though it ended fatefully with the capture of Giosue and Guido by the Nazi soldiers.  Food is also used as source of nutrition to boost the body to make it well. While in the concentration camp, the characters were subjected under harsh treatment and punishment. By taking the right meals, their body could easily gain strength which could take them another day.



Did this film have any similarity with any of your own cultural experiences (food, family, values, experiences, religion, symbols)? Please describe, compare and/or contrast with details/examples.

(100 original words minimum)

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The film has similarities with my own cultural experiences especially family values and religion. I come from a family whereby people respect and honor family. My parents have taught me the importance of family by the ways in which they treat us and also value us and my other relatives. They ensure that we never lack on a daily basis. On the other hand, the film also relates to my religious beliefs. It is our belief that regardless of the situation that we are in, we should not abandon our Christian faith. On the other hand, the ways in which we treat other people around us should be to bring them good and not bad in their lives. It means that we should have good relationships with our neighbors.



Would you recommend this film as a positive or realistic portrayal of this group? Please be specific and elaborate.  Please support your opinion with details/examples.  (100 original word minimum)
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This film is a positive betrayal of the Jewish lifestyle especially their beliefs in God. Guido did not change to become an evil person because that is not what religion taught him. Instead, he continued to do good in the concentration camp regardless of the bad circumstances in the camp. He ensured that he brought joy and lived in peace with everyone he came across in the camp.  He emulates the life of Christ which the Jews believes in and this is perfectly shown in the film making it a perfect recommendation to people.




Ebert, R. (1998 Oct. 30). Life Is Beautiful.