Sample Nutrition Essay Paper on Diets for Digestive System Disorder

A digestive disorder is an issue that takes place in the digestive tract ("Peptic ulcer:
MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia", 2020). This paper discusses peptic ulcers and the dietary
requirements needed to help people suffering from it recover. Peptic ulcers are an open raw area
or wound found in the lining of the intestines or stomach. Some foods are known to make ulcer
symptoms worse, though they do not cause ulcers ("Healthy Eating Guidelines For People with
Peptic Ulcers", n.d.). People suffering from peptic ulcers can take the following steps:
1. Use a plan meal that uses food varieties from different food groups. Prescription
from a dietitian is recommended in order to avoid food that causes pain or
2. Include soluble fiber in each meal taken. This includes vegetables, barley, nuts,
and legumes that would help prevent ulcers reinfection.
3. Moderate drinking alcohol since alcohol increases acidic levels in the stomach.
4. Spicy foods are not recommended since they may cause discomfort to some ulcer
patients, though one can eat if he/she does not experience discomfort.
Some of the foods on the diet for people suffering from ulcers include:
1. Fiber-rich foods
Fiber can ease the amount of acid in the stomach.
2. Foods with probiotics
Food like yoghurt contain bacteria that help fight ulcers and in treatment.
3. Sweet potato
This meal is high in Vitamin A and can help shrink ulcers and prevent them



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