Sample Essay on Progression towards my Goal

My progression towards the goals I set in achieving a healthy body and soul in the long-term and finding a healthy diet and exercise schedule in the short-term is positive, overall, although I have experienced some hurdles and several missteps. In achieving these goals, focus, psychological and mental strength, determination, and persistence are essential, especially to combat the lifestyle patterns, diet types, and low levels of exercise that I had established and adhered to for a long period in my life prior to establishing the goals. I have suffered several missteps in abandoning these behaviors, especially by sleeping late and feeling too lazy to exercise and obtain healthy food everyday (instead purchasing unhealthy junk food for convenience). I have also succumbed to the influence of friends and peers to consume unhealthy foods and drinks or miss scheduled exercise sessions on several occasions, often convincing myself that they are justified exceptions from my new schedules and diet. Nevertheless,I am determined to adhere to the changes in my lifestyle to achieve the goals, in belief that such missteps are common in any new effort and commitment.

Despite the mistakes, I have been successful in reducing my weight by a few kilograms, which represents evidence that overall progression towards my goals is still on course. I am still determined to adhere to a strict lifestyle pattern and exercise and diet schedule despite the undermining influences of peers and friends and my own tendencies to be lazy and prefer convenience. To achieve the goals, I need to enhance my commitment to the changes by adopting an active and persistent approach to address my tendency towards laziness, avoid the negative influences of friends and peers, and tackle my preference for convenience.