Sample Essay on Personal Reflections Essay Assignment

Nutrition is definitely an important element in healthcare since it is concerned with people’s wellbeing. It encompasses all the necessary dietary elements for development and human growth (Attri). As such, studying human nutrition is of significance since it provides the knowledge needed in order to fully understand the importance of nutrition. I initially chose this class at the beginning of the semester mainly because it was a nursing requirement. However, as I continued with my studies in this class and learned more about the subject matter, I becamemore interested and found that it encompassed taste, culture, emotions, and other health concerns among others.

Three things that I learned in class which I consider some of the most astonishing and interesting nutrition-related issues are taste, culture andemotions, as. First, taste constitutes an important factor in relation to nutrition in my opinion. It is concerned with the ability of a person to enjoy whatever he or she is consuming at any given moment. Most people prefer to eat foods that they feel have good flavors based on their taste buds (Fast Food). Personally, I enjoy consuming fast food dishes due to various reasons that include taste, accessibility, and comfort among others. I always feel that these foods satisfy my craving anytime I am hungry. They are also easily accessible since they are available around work places, learning institutions, city centers, and homes. Furthermore, they are ready made and tend to save on costs (Sampateek). Second, culture also influencespeople’s dietary traditions. People consume certain foods because it is a tradition or culture that exists. For example, people from Africa are considered to consume foods such as corn, sorghum or bananas simply because it is their tradition. In this regard, I enjoy feeding on Cuban foods because my grandmother is Cuban. Some of these foods include pork, rice, breaded steak, black beans, and yucca among others. As such, the environment that one lives in may greatly influence the kind of diet one prefers (SENS Research Foundation).Third, emotions sometimes influence the amount or type of food that a person consumes. Some people eat a lot when stressed or unhappy,while others do not eat at all in these circumstances. For example, my grandmother used to tell me that my grandfather ate a lot whenever he was angry or sad. By contrast, my grandmother loses her appetite whenever she is sad. Just like her, I also prefer not to eat anything when emotionally unstable. Additionally, others consume very small amounts and prefer specific foods based on their moods. For example, a person may .eat sweet, sugary foods when upset. As such, it was interesting to learn that emotions are influential in nutritional choices.

Being a lover of fast food dishes, this class has positively impacted me in terms of health, life, and overall nutritional knowledge. I gained a lot of knowledge concerning healthy living based on nutritional choices. For example, fast foodmay be convenient and cheap but may not be healthy if consumed disproportionately. Such types of cuisines usually have high fat, salt and sugar content. For example, French fries, pastries, creams, donuts, and cakes are calorie dense foods (Sampateek).As such, they should not be frequently consumed as they may pose various health concerns such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart related diseases. This means that checking information available on food labels is important. Such information may include fat, calorie, preservatives, and sugar content among others. I believe this class was of great help considering that nutrition is so central to overall health. This has helpedme to be more vigilant and cautious aboutthe type and quantity of food I consume.

This course will have a positive impact in relation to my continued academic pursuits since it will equip and expand my nutritional knowledge. Furthermore, I plan to pursue nursing instead of majoring in Humanities come May. Considering the fact that nursing and nutrition are related, the knowledge gained in this class will help me with my nursing course. In relation to my ultimate career in nursing, this class will provide me with the crucialbasics of health and nutrition. For example, I will know the kind of advice to give to an overweight or obese person. This will mainly involve dietary changes or adoption of lifestyle behaviors such as regular exercises.

The three main topics I would liketo explore in more depth are:the main principles of healthy eating,the importance of minerals and vitamins in the body, and howadults face limitations and challenges intheir daily living activities. For example, apart from body repair and immunity, are there any other benefits or limitations associated with vitamins? In relation to challenges such as hardships that adults face, I would wish to explore proper ways of addressing these concerns. This includes addressing health conditions such as arthritis. Furthermore, it will also be important to know the exact food type, and quantity that should be consumed to ensure wellness.

This nutritional class will be fundamental in my nursing career considering the health issues it deals with. Emotions, culture, and taste are some interesting facts that will be explored. Furthermore, issues concerning adult living and eating habits will be of great importance. With such knowledge, academic excellence in the field of nursing will be possible.

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